Daily Realm locked after crash

I’m unsure if this should classify as a bug or a suggestion, but I believe this is unintended behavior, so I am reporting it here

1)Bug tied to Crash

  1. upon encountering a crash in an enemy encounter, there is no way to return to a Daily Realm to continue progressing; the game registers that you have either died or quit the realm and locks you out until the next day. Unfortunately I was unable to get the error message of the crash which caused the issue for me.

  2. iOS 8.1.3


6)A similar issue occurs when inside a regular realm and switching to another app; your progress is saved, but you are returned to the castle. If some auto save method were enabled for maintaining your position inside a realm when switching out of the game, it would probably solve both issues.

This is not a bug, just a very unfortunate side-effect of crashes. I am putting full focus on fixing crashes/bugs now so hopefully this will not be an issue for much longer.