Daily Realm only accessible with Shrine Upgrade 1 also

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I bought Shrine Upgrade 2, which said that it would make the Daily Realm available, but it wasn’t actually available until I had also bought Shrine Upgrade 1. (Last game I never used Shrine Upgrade 1 so I decided to delay it this game).

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Thanks! This turned out to be the result of a more significant bug which allowed players who were not playing with Castle Quests enabled to have access to certain upgrades much sooner than intended.

Huh. Was that affecting everyone playing without Castle Quests? Because I was going to give some feedback that the amount of granite you can get seems really inadequate for all of the upgrades, but maybe I’m just not supposed to have this many upgrades yet.

Yeah, you probably aren’t supposed to see those yet :slight_smile:

Of course, they’re still going to be expensive one way or another. They’re not exactly important, just small perks to improve your castle, so it’s something for players to work toward but not something to focus on.