daily realm

So i’ve had 2 daily realms in a row with a mob off map. Version 2.1.1 still running windows vista 64 sp2. I also tried using panda tokens (thanks arqane) but the mob spawn/alarm didn’t bring it on map. Images below.


Sorry for that! I’ve been trying to fix this for a bit now but haven’t had much luck.

Any idea if you caused extra enemies to spawn on your map before this occurred? For example, did you use any Pandemonium Tokens before this happened?

None before. I tried the tokens after and got extra mobs. It increased the duty counter but the bugged mob was still off map.

Honestly, by this point it might be easier to just make the “out of bounds” area an infinite expanse of Wall tiles. I mean, it obviously still counts as tiles for mob movement and spawning, so why not just fill it in with something that doesn’t?

I’ve also had out of bounds mobs on daily realm (last friday) with ver 2.1.1 on windows.

It was the 4th or fifth realm I had visited in that session. And it was after being in a realm where I got wiped out. Maybe this has something to do with the lost mods?