daily realms crash

  1. a CRASH

  2. see attached screen shot

  3. unable to currently reproduce as I can’t get back into daily realms today.

  4. Android tablet

  5. 2.09

  6. went in to daily realms to,well, complete it. Used spell farsight then as I can’t use any of the alteration spells in the castle (should be able to with those type IMHO) i cast alteration grasslands spell causing an immediate crash. Disappointed

Looks like this will happen only if you’re in a Daily Realm. Since Daily Realms don’t have a teleportation shrine, the spell bugs out and throws an error. I’ll prevent these spells from being usable in Daily Realms from now on. Sorry for the crash!

Oh well. Guess I can be happy about helping improving future game play. Still though I think they should at least be usable from the castle.