Daily realms possibly don't work


I unlocked daily realms in my main save file.
It says that I’ve already done a daily realm for today even though I just completed the ritual.

Could just be me though.

Does “Online data acquired” appear at the bottom right corner of the title screen?


It says I have a streak of 1.
It also says I’ve completed 0

Streak of 1 is correct (that’s the lowest it can go), but could you please either send your save file to zack@thylacinestudios.com or upload it to the cloud and PM me your cloud ID? I’ll take a look and see what might have happened.


Do contruction ritual
Have Axel spawn
Don’t talk to him.
Enter teleportation shrine realm
Save and exit

Talk to Axel.
He says you’ve already done a daily realm.

If you never enter the portal and leave the castle in some way, then he says you’ve already done the daily realm as well.

Think I found the problem, thanks! Going to upload the next patch soon.


Worse. Just saving and exiting after the ritual is complete and the NPC is spawned says I already completed the daily realm.