% Damage bonus

So I was wondering, does all % more / increased damage work on all sources of damage?

Some specific examples:

The Pit Wrath Lords ability that does 5% more damage to target for every 1% of life it is missing. Does this apply to Calamity (does 50% of attack as damage to all enemies when a creature dies)?
Since it specifies target (which all/most of the other % damage bonus abilities do not), it makes me think this ability requires you to make an attack or aquire a target in some way for it to apply. In case it works and assuming all enemies are at different % hp of max, does it use a different % damage bonus for every creature hit?

Other skills / effects I wonder if are affected by % damage:
Burn, Poison and other damage over time effects (or purely stats based?).

Same with Arsonist and the other new/reworked % stat abilities, are they all (if not, which?) affected by % damage increase, or only stats?

I would assume that they all scales with % damage, but I wonder if someone has tested some of them or not.

In 2), if you use an ability that deals the dot instantly, is that counted as damage dealt from the one who removes the dot or purely based on the dot itself? In other words, can you first apply a poison with % damage bonus, then have another creathure with % damage remove it and apply further bonus damage to the damage dealt instantly?

  1. % increased damage only increases the damage of the initial attack itself - not subsequent effects from abilities, spells, buffs/debuffs, or anything like that. So in the case of Calamity, % increased damage has no effect.

  2. Purely based on stats.

  3. Purely based on stats as well.

Alright, thats good to know, better focus on pure stat-boosting for any builds focused around the stat-based abilities. ^^