Damage Calculations

Just got back into siralim 3; was curious if damage calculations are now public knowledge? Would definitely make certain things more understandable, like how 500 attack vs 500 defense on a weakness-neutral fight goes from close to 0 damage to 300-400 damage after a difference of 100. This is just an exaggerated example, but I feel like I can’t follow how exponential the damage increase is in many situations, which hampers my enjoyment in such an otherwise very technically in-depth game.

I just want to know if things are somewhat linear when calculated but ramp up quickly after adding in % more damage vs creature, weaknesses/strengths, etc.

I would also like to know the damage calculations. Especially how defense affects straight damage.

For example, I’ve got a team with a Plague Alchemist and a way to constantly lower enemy stats by 15%. However he doesn’t seem to do any damage at all since his output damage should be about 50 and every enemy at this level seems to have enough defense to negate it.
His trait lets him deal 50% of the amount a stat is reduced by as damage. So if something had 100 attack, I would reduce it by 15%, then he would do 7.5 damage.

It’s all proportional too, so if he’s doing no damage then he clearly will never do any damage with his trait.
I’m pretty sure there aren’t many stat reducing spells too, and especially not many that go above 20-30%.

If I knew how defense worked then I could figure out exactly how much of a stat reduction I would need to have this trait deal damage.
I mean, that or this trait is only useful if you reduce the enemies defense first, which is probably too much work to make it worthwhile, since I haven’t seen a “reduce all enemies defense” spell or effect yet.