Damage Categories - Do we need a fourth?

As of right now there are essentially three different categories of damage in Siralim Ultimate. I have created a creature whose three traits (self, fused, and artifact) make them immune to each of these categories making the creature invincible to all but instant death attacks (such as impending doom spell).

Shadow Bulwark: Protects from all Indirect Damage
Ethereal: Protects from all Attack Damage
Wasted Age: Protects from all Spell Damage (so long as health stays above 90%, but not much will reduce you below 90% when you’re immune to everything that does damage!)

I understand this could be a huge modification to the damage calculation formula, and upset the precious balance of siralim as a whole, but I feel there should be a fourth damage category. Debuffs.

Right now Debuffs are in the indirect damage category, prevented completely by my shadow bulwark trait, but personally I feel damage caused by poison, bleed, burn, curse, etc, should be in their own category. As of right now I feel using debuffs for damage is a sluggish way to win a fight, as most really strong strategies revolve around crushing foes before they even get a turn (otherwise grinding realms is painfully slow, imo). Providing Debuffs with their own damage category apart from indirect damage would help make them a more interesting option when considering what to use as a primary source of damage. I feel it would also open some more design space for traits/spells/whatever.


Perhaps something like the wisps abilities to negate physical or magical damage but not both should be in place here too, or a reworking of just the Shadow Bulwark trait such that debuff damage still applies, but it stops all other indirect damage. That would make your combo still almost invincible, but you’d at least have something you need to watch out for.

I am strongly against this change.
I like it as it is, and Instant kill effects do remain a thing, and do occasionally kill these so called invulnerable creatures. I mean, I have made completely immune creatures and have them die to things like Impending doom, and the Wandering Abomination, Judgement, etc… There are quite a few sources of instant death effects

Once I fought, and it seemed every enemy cast Impending Doom, like every turn. Think it was some share spell gem trait, and bad luck

And as it is, if you know what you are doing, building a team - surviving should not be an issue.

It is all about how quickly you can clear content, and then it becomes a question of how much you can afford to spend on defense, to still have enough traits for a rapid offense that makes farming a breeze,
and how much you can afford to spend on things like countering enemy resurrection and the like

My strongest team, my main team, does not use Shadow Bulwark, and just relies on very high health, and defense, health regen, and a tiny bit of resurrection, if and when I need it. It has yet to lose in around 300 realms at max instability.

There are several very strong defensive combos, like provoking with an always dodge creature (from a netherboss trait), or just the basic nix silence at start of battle creature.
Or a mimic that can shove enemies to the bottom of the timeline, etc…
There are loads of possibilities, and tbh, 3 traits for one invulnerable creature is not worth it.

I agree, my invulnerable creature is only really useful with perks that can auto-res other more damaging allies (like with the cleric), and I’m not saying it’s ‘overpowered’, it does not feel that way at all.

My main concern is that dealing damage with debuffs seems underwhelming. Just thought maybe if they had a category of damage all to themselves they’d be more interesting.

I dunno, some build rely on sending creatures to the top of the timeline, e.g. with that healing spirit that gives a chance to on heal, move to top.

I have experienced cases where, if you start with some debuff - say bleed, you need the protection from debuff damage, as else a chain of being sent to the top of the timeline can completely wipe your team.

It is also the case with the percent damage on turn realm trait.

Protection from both of these effect for one creature seems about right for one trait, as if you have a build that sends creatures to the top, any unprotected creature will likely die.

Tbh, I am pretty happy with debuff damage; it is often the most reliable source of damage - particularly against bosses. Poison or burning, with a way of stacking the debuff potency, quickly overcomes any defense, and angelic voidlords are pretty rare in the wild