Damage or Def

I was wondering what should I push in my team.
What is the requirement for damage? I can win sigil level 10(under restricted sigil properties) is that enough?
Should I push Def after that or continue on one-hit-clear damage?
I was level 600 and creatures level 700 gene strength 100 on average and I could deal 2-5M damage at one hit and with Equality spell could reach 6-10M by I will got one hit kill easily by the current enemy, I have to survive under invisible.

By the way, what is the limit for nether aura?


300% is the limit for nether aura.

The damage you need depends on what you want to accomplish. If you want 100% achievements, the boss in nether realm 1000 has over 500 million HP (without hypersensitivity).

Defense is like Speed in that it won’t do anything if you’re fighting above your level.

Thank you, I found that speed is useless and gave up my speed artifact already, but thank you for telling me that Def is also useless against high level enemies. So I will continue my invisible team and try to push extra damage.
I hope my understanding is correct. Thank you for your help~

Well, both Speed and Defense can keep up to the enemies’ by breeding, but it’s only efficient to do so at really high mage levels.