Damage soft caps?

I’ve noticed so far playing up to realm 9 that my creatures, despite having rather disparant Attack stats, do rather similar damage to most monsters, not able to kill them in one hit. But when a higher HP enemy, like a boss or a static fight “miniboss” enemy with extra HP, my damage goes up significantly, especialyl for the high Attack monsters. Is this some sort of system to keep battles from being as instant-kill focused?

Also, once some enemy cast a spell gem that “Trapped” one of my monsters, seemingly killing it instantly from full health. What was going on there?

Now, I’m not necessarily against this, as I assume it’s meant to try to slowdown the gameplay due to the rampant one-shot meta from the first two games. I think maybe it can be eased up on a little bit (I’m just assuming it’s still possible to oneshot things if you are ridiculously strong.), but this also likely gives the player time to react against huge hits from the enemy, too. My opinions are a little mixed on the matter, though, it does punish heavy stat stacking to a degree, and can make it a little misleading on how strong you actually are (when my chaos starter monster is doing 50 dmg to normal enemies, and then whacks a boss for almost 150, I can’t really tell what I can take on yet). At the same time, it’s a decent solution as to how to make sure ending a battle round 1 takes serious work. I’d like to hear other’s thoughts!

By the way, Siralim 3 is great. I like all the little sound effects when you equip things and take actions, adds a new level of polish, in my opinion. The early game moves a little faster compared to 2, because the random artifacts you get are actually really nice. I will say the bosses have been kind of easy, but I was overleveled to a degree. (Though the 2nd boss using its mechanic on my Priest, who doesn’t get to take its turn, is a little cheeky. Nothing I couldn’t deal with, though.)

Zack: Can you provide us with the damage equation?

Damage is a little weird right now. It’s not really bugged, but the new damage formula is poorly-designed so it’s something I need to adjust whenever I can get around to it. Please be patient, though, because as you might imagine there are some other things I need to address first :slight_smile:

Personally, I quite like the fact that it is harder to one-shot in Siralim 3 than in Siralim 2. (It works both ways, my creatures also get one-shot a lot less!)

However, the current damage equation has some issues (less one-shotting is good, but currently there is very limited damage scaling which makes many traits nearly worthless.)

So, I am very happy to hear that the damage equation will be adjusted at some point. :slight_smile:

Side Note: This may be related to why many boss fights “seem” easy (there is another thread on boss difficulty). Because bosses have more hit points, damage against a boss scales differently than damage against regular monsters … So bosses have more health than regular monsters, but to someone playing a high-attack team, it doesn’t “feel” like the boss has more health because hits against the boss are much bigger