%Damage Trait [Bug]

Wicked Carver hit for way too much damage.

I had a Stronghold I beefed to over 2000 defense in a fight via double-casting Frost Armor and Amalgamy.
Fight is moving along just fine, Carver Shaman hitting in the 30 range per round and decreasing each round.
Suddenly it hits for over 600 hp.

Math says that shouldn’t be possible. Even if 30 was the lowest roll it could get (30% of normal damage) it would mean it’s baseline damage was 100. I don’t believe it was consistently hitting in the lowest proc range, either.
If it rolled it’s highest (300%), it should not have been able to exceed 300 hp.

I suspect there is a math/formula error on this ability, as well as any ability that changes your damage to a +% of your damage. Skeleton Sniper also seems to exceed the indicated damage threshold when it procs.