dark braze effect with omnipotent deity

Can it be that the attack bonus of the dark braze, I use it with a sword enchantment, has no effect for the calamiti talent of the omnipotent deity? For meit looks like it has no effect…

Raw I take as the line where 3 chars are placed, and column where 2 stand behind each other. Just to stop misundersrandings… The chars that are involved are in a raw of 3

Calamity is calculated using base Attack before any abilities are applied. So, no, Dark Braze, Dissection, Sidewinder, Cold Blood, and any of the other attack-boosting abilities won’t affect your Calamity damage.

Does base attack mean without any artifact boosts from second enchantment? So there is no use of equiping a sword?

Artifact stats will boost your Calamity damage, but not abilities or buffs. Unmodified Attack is the number you see in the Creatures Detail screen when you look at your monster; artifact stats change that value, and therefore the resultant damage.