Dark Embrace trait on an item is not working with a Terror Wight in my party

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    I have a Terror Wight on my team and just recently bought a bow from the merchant which also has the Dark Embrace trait. I equipped that bow on my Rapturous Ghoul so he could also gain stats when something died. Now whenever I use Sudden Death on my Gravebane Wight, only the Terror Wight gets the buffs even though the Rapturous Ghoul has the bow with Dark Embrace equipped. The trait does not say that there can only be one active effect of it at a time so I would assume the bow would give my ghoul the buff too.

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    Windows 10 64-bit

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    Not sure if it’s relevant but I also have a Nadin Rift Dancer, Phase Champion, and Troll Berserker on my team. If you need any other info I’ll be happy to take screenshots or send my save.