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Re: these sprites

HOLY SHIT. Like, the S3 seasonal ones were already great but these are NEXT LEVEL. The phoenixes are all especial favorites of mine (esp. Thunderstruck AKA “screm at own ass”) but hot damn they ALL have so much vitality, so much motion.The djinni especially - they look so mystical, so vibrant. I am entirely agog. You are incredible and I am so glad you were hired to do the art for Ultimate. And I can’t wait to see what you do with the spirits and the unicorns!

I can’t take credit for those - the creature redraws are done by Studio Oray! I’m mostly on decor, UI, animations and some other things.

I am doing creature skins though, so I can’t wait for ya’ll to see those!

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Well, shit. Still, those are also fantastic. And I am super excited to see the skins, and I’m really glad you’re working on this. And tiptop work from the studio, hot damn! Screm at own ass bird is going to live on my team forever.