Death Mage Improvements


I want to share my experiences with Death Mage.

What I think is even before the Life Mage has been improved Death Mage was the weakest and still is.

For example:

[ul][li]All Mages have some damage improvement perk; the Death Mage hasn’t a single one.
[li]All Mages have perks that allow alternative tactics during battle if a affix or trait breaks your usual strategy[/li][/ul]

i. e. Chaos have Mania, Nature seems balanced in everything, Sorcery can switch to Battlemage and Life can still negate or reduce damage if healing is not possible

While extremely fun to play, Death Mage with Horror Show + Saia + one Nether is still pretty much luck dependent.
Furthermore most perks have something to do with stat manipulation and resurrection.

Let’s face it nobody needs Mage perks during normal play you only need perk supported tactics for end game content.
And now let’s take a look at the some challenges like Itherian bosses where you really need these perks.

Although cripples every mage, Saia gets crippled even harder. You still have Puppet Master but the flow of battle depends on the temporary creatures.

Well, it is Anti Death Mage. While Life Mage prevents dead and damage (yes I know, Life Mage is crippled deadly by Misery, too), Death mage cannot resurrect or gain stats anymore that effectively counters Death Mage’s gimmicks.
And here we have another good damage example. Barrier is almost necessary for Misery, Life Mage gains extra Damage after Barrier is set up - not cool for Death Mage, it’s more like dead Mage then

No Debuffs and stat lose, Nighttaker and Stat Decrease are useless here.

Of course Death Mage is not helpless at all in any situation. And those mentioned affixes won’t affect other awesome perks like Daybreaker or Living Nightmare.
I just talked about battles without the CJ challenge but if you really want to farm items or have a true challenge, you are going to have a tough and frustrating time as a Death Mage player.

For a max CJ

  • Chaos could stack attack, Ashura and Gargantuan stuff and much more
  • Life can stack healing and barrier
  • Nature is just sending a species build for war
  • Sorcery can stack spell gems and those 7% traits and much more
  • Death can copy builds but will always be inferior and you have to ditch your gimmicks like Daybreaker and Horror Show for that

It seems that Death Mage is not designed for end game content (yet!?).

As possible solutions I’d be grateful if you consider following suggestions.

(1) Saia can get a second trait via Nether Catalyst or a 7th artifact slot or both.
That free artifact slot could also be used for starting the battle with Multicast etc.
It is true that Saia has the potential to become op because of base stats but you need years for this to happen.
For now because of its artifact and stats Saia is the perfect “victim” for Dark Transformation - with or without the utilization of Puppet Master.

(2) Create a perk that increases the stat cap to i. e. 2000% and enemy reduction to 10% or let the Death Mage completely break these two caps - I mean if you can kill with a 500% enhancement 100000000% won’t matter anymore and if you need the 100000000% then the trick is to survive a max CJ battle long enough for setting up such an increase.
It is harder than cheap stacking of damage traits and therefore a viable and fair reward.

Moreover because of the missing damage perks Death creatures need every trait slot and it seems unfair that Death Mages need to sacrifice a trait slot for the new 750% stat trait, it seems in particular unfair if you take in regard that stat-play is a trademark of this class and other classes get their features enhanced for exchanging a few Deity Points - not cool, bro, not cool at all

(3) Chaos adds Int to Attack, Sorcery Attack to Int, Nature Speed and Life has barrier. How about Death mage can add Health to attack or spell damage calculation? Necromancy is the art of breath lifeforce into dead things anyways so it would be a fitting addition.

I’d love to hear comments, criticism, tips and strategies for end game Death Mage.
And thank you for reading.

Death mage definitely needs help in the end game yes. Life Mage got their improvements early because their early game was nearly unplayable. There were definitely people quitting because they were new to the game and picked Life where Death actually has a fairly strong start until Nemesis creatures show up.

To compound Life’s weak start they were immediately thrown to their class weakness. A nature realm.

I think it would be cool if, at max rank Stat Decrease could ignore all stat reduction immunity.

The stat drain perk can be a massive damage increase.
Combine it with the trait drained and spells like devour wreck. I think death mage is pretty powerfull you might need to play with traits a bit more. Im not saying too much because they might get nerfed lol

Personally I am thankful for the new Death Mage - Heartbleed and the mechanic that you can upgrade Saia with catalysts are awesome.

Concerning Drained:
I used to play with Drained + Blessings from Below + Abomination + Necronomicon + Devour spell + Dark Transformation spell.
Yes, I can confirm this is huge damage boost. Not only you will bring the enemy to 20% of their stats your own team get a 400-500% stat boost.
If Drained + Blessings are Nether skills of your Nether creature than the Drained damage will be super effective against every class if you use a Necronomicon powered Dark Transformation on that creature - Invidia Sin or Apis Majesty are good Nether Creatures for this purpose; because you won’t need any stat bonus from artifacts therefore you can spam your artifact with cool stuff like attack damage, spell damage, critical damage, defense penetration and start battle with berserk (berserk will increase Drained damage).
Moreover if you transform one of them, they will get a new trait but the old one will remain in effect.

However, this has two flaws:
(1) battles take pretty long
(2) won’t work so well on higher CJ levels because of the stat caps

Around Realm 100 I switchend to Piercing Dragon Claws and some other gimmicks (recommendation from a steam user).