Death Shapeshifter vs. Gimp Mummy Bug

  1. Bug

  2. The enemy had a deathshapeshifter in the party. I had a Gimp Mummy with Steadfast Resilience Enchantment. I was about to win and the deathshapeshifer was the LAST enemy. I killed him and he resurrected as another character which is expected cuz he absorbs Gump Mummy’s ability. But when I killed him again he resurrected again! After over 20 cycles of this I gave up and reset the game.

  3. Windows

  4. 2.0.13

  5. I think there was a royal phoenix in the enemy party as well. Don’t think it would effect anything since he is a sorcery creature but thought it would be worth mentioning. Also I was NOT carring the cradle to the grave enchantment in the battle

Working on a fix for this now - any time a creature has the Gimp Mummy’s ability, this will happen, unfortunately.