Death to Pandemonium...

Not sure if this is intended or not, but fighting the Pandemonium king in the death realm is… rather easy. He defends and, viola, gets snared by the creeping hands below. After trying to call him for yonks, I finally got hold of him… accidentally with a newly formed, level 12 party. But thanks to the above, the only trouble I had was from the easy guys, they actually hit me whilst the others provoked successfully a couple of times. The king just sat there and took a long, pitiful beating.
With enough tokens, racking up 3 cores in the death realm would be a walk in the bones… 8)

The Pandemonium King can actually spawn with one of four different abilities, and only one of those involves him defending/provoking :slight_smile:

On top of that, getting that snare proc isn’t guaranteed. It’s a chance, just like getting snared after attacking in the grasslands or frozen after defending in the winter realm.