Debuffs in realms are back?

I thought this was ditched mid-way through S2?

In S3, party gets wiped easily because of the universal debuffs that can sometimes happen with the random interactives on the map.

What objects are you referring to? What realm are you in?

Realm lv 2, Torun.

It was some mushroom I interacted with. I didn’t take note of it, because I wasn’t expecting a debuff. Gave my entire party vulnerable, which doesn’t feel so good when enemies constantly respawn.

EDIT: Found it. It’s the pink fruit. Sometimes you get a buff when you eat enough, sometimes it’s a debuff. The debuffs can be killer early on.

I think one of these fruits actually gave my team Frozen at the start of battle! I was strong enough to work around it, but imagine that in a realm anywhere near difficult.

Ouch! Frozen/Sleep/Snare/Stun immediately when combat starts is a killer.

just got stun to your creatures from zonte’s realm of magi experiment table, something pink + yellow i think?

Thanks! I fixed the fruit so I’ll fix alchemy in a future patch. Please let me know if you run into any more of these - I honestly don’t know how they snuck back into the game considering I removed them in Siralim 2.

They’re actually still present in S2. Most are gone, but there’s a few debuffs still floating around.
I think the cursed effigies in Aereolian’s realm (S2) will debuff you sometimes. But it’s been a while since I’ve played it.