Debugging Tools

Myself and some other members of the community have been hitting the game hard since the holidays trying to isolate and report bugs.

Ultimately, there are many. Most have to do with order of operations or formulas being wrong from what I can tell. Crashes are far rarer than alpha, but we still have crashes being reported frequently.

Any/all of the following would be extremely helpful in doing QA on your game (which is fantastic by the way, other than all the bugs)

[ul][li]Documentation on how combat formulas and such SHOULD work[/li]
[li]A combat log to verify sequence of events and calculations[/li]
[li]Ability to inspect ally and enemy stats in battle[/li]
[li]Ability to toggle off cards and perk benefits[/li]
[li]Ability to revert creatures to level 1[/li][/ul]