Decision Making & How I Judge Options in Siralim

In-combat decision making and button pressing is something I look to minimize in any team composition.

Certain strategies are more pursuant to this end than others.

When people talk about how overpowered autocasting spells were in Siralim 2, it’s rather it’s one of the most overpowered options that doesn’t require much thought past initial team design. Further, they could be added to almost any strategy without much downside. These two together, being ‘Convenient’ and ‘Straightforward’, were the true power of autocasting.

Creature traits that require minimum micro were also preferred for this reason.

Summoning. Summoned creatures could be very powerful, but it had two things working against it. First, it wasn’t ‘Convenient’, as summoning a new creature with randomized output would require thinking during battle. Second, it wasn’t ‘Straightforward’, as it would require a design centered around it (at the very least, leaving creature slots open), to function.

Ultimately, my goal is to farm resources and level up as quickly as possible, and the easiest way to do this is to minimize time in battle, not just maximize battle win rate.
I don’t believe I’m alone in this.

To the extent you offer the player automation options untied to team composition, e.g. some kind of macro system, is to the extent you offer a true greater variety of viable options.

I’m not saying you should do this, and it might even be a bad idea. Too powerful of an automation option transforms the game from a monster RPG to “Siralim Clicker”.
(Though I would also play “Siralim Clicker”, just throw your sprites over some exponents and I’d buy it.)

I just believe it’s something to keep in mind for the design of Siralim 3, to ask yourself if the power of an option is worth the cost of in-combat decision making.

I agree. I’m not 100% sure I’ll ever be able to solve this problem in Siralim, but some type of “drag-and-drop”-style macro system is something I definitely want to think about during Early Access.

I used to create and sell bots for MMORPGs before I got into game development, so creating a bot-like interface for my own games would be oddly satisfying.