Decoration Drop Rate

Has the decoration drop rate been seriously nerfed? I started a new game for fun as a hell knight. I’m 71 hours in and I haven’t gotten hardly any decorations. I have a lot less spell gems at this point, hardly any worth using.

In over 24 floors, I got 1 decoration drop, a teal banner. In over 75 hours I’ve gotten: 2 floor styles, 6 background styles, 1 banner, 6 floor tiles, 1 painting, 1 scroll. Playing with max Realm instabilities made no difference. I have gotten more spell gems since. It’s the decorations that aren’t dropping. Did the fix to stop decorations we already have from dropping cause this or is it intentional? Because if it’s intentional, I’m giving up on decorating my castle. There’s no sense with the limited drops. Which is disappointing as I was really enjoying customizing my castle.

It’s possible you’re just experiencing really unlucky RNG. Castle decorating is fun to do as we go anyway, at least for me. And if you want decorations a bit quicker you can buy a lot of them from the god shops.

I think 100 hours gameplay on this data goes beyond bad luck rng. I compared it to one of my other datas that is within one floor completion of this one. It has a few more hours but not much. It was before the last update and it has pages of decorations.

This data has a mere handful of decorations. I have several godspawn and I’ve spent at least 50 emblems on decorations. Azural’s favor is almost maxed. I have done tons of grinding. The drops aren’t there. I also went back and tested other save files with and without max instabilities. Almost no drops either way.

Has anyone else noticed a difference? Are you still seeing drops? My first game has tons, 36 plushes, a full page of pictures, every normal floor, over a page of backgrounds, etc.

I know this is something to do while we play, but I’ve really enjoyed it. I’m just a little bummed not having it available in my new game.

I am really enjoying the game. Even in alpha it’s still an excellent game.