Decorations keep dissapearing in my castle

Since it keeps happening, I might as well post about it here:

Ever since the update where we supposedly could put more items into our castle, my items keep disappearing. I, personally, think it’s because they are deleted once I try to breach a specific number of decorations which is likely the previous limit.

How I came across it:
I liked decorating my castle and wanted to make a pathway through it. The single tiles pushed me to the maximum of items I could have, where I could not place any more. Then the update came, and I wanted to put rugs over said tiles to make them look a bit nicer. I did so, but realized soon, decorations in other random places got removed. It wasn’t specific decorations, sometimes statues, sometimes NPCs, sometimes something else.
As someone who spent a lot of time giving every NPCs unique names and texts, it was sad to see happening.

I hope this might get fixed soon, as I think it is an issue with coding. Instead of allowing us to place items until we physically can’t, it just removes old decorations when we place new ones, so we can’t get over the limit.

If anyone else has experiences it, I’d be glad to hear about it, but for now, I refuse to decorate my castle further to keep what I had before.