Dedication Perks (to encourage playing with different specializations)

I understand that the goblet of giving is to encourage people to try different specializations, but as it is, it ends up being about very quickly and uncaringly flicking through specializations, without ever really investing in them, at least for me.

I was thinking one could have a mechanic where one earns a mini reward, for each specialization, for playing a specialization enough, either with realms cleared at max realm depth, or more tailor made things like number of multi casts, or times a ethereal spell gem is cast, etc…

One could earn mini-perks, call them, ‘dedication perks,’ that are weak versions of specialization perks, for all your other specializations.

Tribalist Initiate: when not playing a tribalist, your creature race counts are treated as being 1 higher
Cleric Initiate: when not playing a druid, your creatures healing effects apply at 10% effectiveness at full health
Druid Initiate: when not playing a druid, your team counts as having one extra missing creature
Trickster Initiate: when not playing a trickster, your trick slots are 10% more powerful
Evoker Initiate: your creatures can equip one off-color gem

The idea would be that one is incentivized to really invest in each specialization, regardless of what one likes playing, as one can earn unique rewards that way. And as it is a big chunk of investment, that is perhaps tweaked to require investment in the specialization mechanics, one will likely make a team for each spec.

Obviously, this would be quite a bump in power, if one had such mini perks for each specialization, so it could be that one can only have so many dedication perks at once.

What are peoples thoughts?