Defense bug

With my defensive team, enemies were normally dealing 0 damage to me. Then I changed some things to make the team even more defensive: I replaced Swiftcasting with Jailbreak, switched the Speed on everyone’s artifact to Defense and replaced Envy with Endurance Aura. Now I’m getting oneshotted most of the time.

The main suspect is Jailbreak, I guess.

After some testing, the reason was the loss of Envy. I guess Envy makes a Nether Creature be affected by its own Aura, which increases the effect of the Aura for the rest of the team. This only happens once, so I’m not sure whether it’s broken, considering how expensive Pills are now.


A 50% Speed Aura Nether with Envy has 5000 Speed. It’s now affected by its own Aura, so its Speed becomes 7500. Then the rest of the team receives an upgraded aura of +3750 Speed instead of +2500.