Defense Penetration vs. Attack

Any experience on which one is “better”? I have Swords right now, but I consider switching to Axes. I am not sure how Defense Penetration works though. I am assuming it lets me deal damage as though my opponent has X% less defense. Now I have seen that the effectiveness of Defense has been a topic of discussion and adjustment, so I am not sure how impactful it would be to penetrate it. On the other hand, my team is in the low thousands and on max CJ I am fighting level 30k creatures with x10 stats, so there sure is a lot of Defense to penetrate.

Any advice on whether Axes could be more worth it than Swords? :slight_smile:

tl; dr >> mace over axe and sword at max. CJ.

As you already implied. Defense Penetration is better whenever the assumed enemies’ defense increase is higher than your assumed attack increase.
By way of illustration:

you creatures has
1000 attack

  • 22% from Sword
    = 1222 Attack

Enemy has
3000 defense

  • 30 % due to Defense Penetration from Mace
    = 2100 Defense

So we have got:
1222 attack against 3000 defense, difference = 1778
1000 attack against 2100 defense, difference = 1100

I do not know how the damage calculation works but 3000 against 2100 is quite a number.
You are going to take on max CJ so the enemies defense is much higher than your attack stat. Please also take into consideration that defense penetration also affect spells.

Axe’s attack damage increase is a different case, though. Here is the question how much initial damage do you dish out with attacks.
I. e. 10 000 initial + 30% from Axe = 13 000 hmmmm does that really help?

At the best get for your attackers an artifact with innate attack damage, attack stat and defense penetration and for your spell casters one with spell damage, int and defense penetration.
I think a mace is you best choice since you get guaranteed 30% and at max CJ the penetration is dependent on the impressive high stats of the enemy not on yours.
If you die after one attack anyways because of max CJ then also go for Start battle with berserk.

I would love to see your max CJ build - the whole community is waiting for a working team :smiley:

Best luck to you and your creatures :slight_smile:

Wow, I actually meant to ask about Mace, not Axe :slight_smile:

Anyway, that was my line of reasoning exactly. Right now, my creatures have like 10k attack but my opponents have 1.5M defense. So I could gain 2.2k attack, or penetrate 450k of my opponents’ defense. However, the nature of the damage formula plays a big role here. As is, my 10k attack dudes still deal damage, even though my opponents have gigantic defense. So if defense is a diminishing returns kind of deal, 2.2k attack might actually net more damage than -450k defense. That’s what I am wondering :slight_smile:

Anyway, thanks for the Reply! I will test it out.