Defensive traits

My current party relies on Frozen Spirit’s ability for defense. This requires a specific creature to goo first and is quite tedious as it works best with lots of small attacks.
Thus I’ve been looking for a better option.

I saw someone mention how the Hell’s Protection trait is good but I’m uncertain about it’s usage. The percentage reduction is only for the current health right? So if you are at 100% and they deal a attack that does 50% you are at half health right? But the next attack will be reduced by 50%?

Seems nice, but what would pair with it to reduce those big hits? I haven’t seen anything decent yet for bigger level play. Some stuff reduces the hit but maxes at 100% of the max health. Not great if you are fighting super high level stuff.

Pariah to make the entire party invisible. Most creatures will defend unless they have the twisted Carver trait or an aoe. Also shell will deflect one hit no matter the damage.

Solace is an amazing HP boost if you are running all life creatures. If you use all life creatures everyone can have Requiem to recover from near wipes.

Vigilance(Apis Defender) + Faith’s Armor(Holy Crusader) is a terribly effective defensive combo, too. Artifact needs “Start with Shell” though, and you’ve gotta cope with the Vigilance damage(Endurance Aura or Second Wind are easy solutions). This combo outright neutralizes around 95%+ of physical attacks.