Deified rankings, bad?

I am up to rank 4 deified now with Suthrali, and it costs 4000 favor points just to get 1 deity point. This is terrible.

Every ranking you get increases the cost for the next rank by 1000

1 - 1000
2 - 2000
3 - 3000
4 - 4000

100 -100,000 just for 1 point? :frowning:

This is terrible, when you consider how slow it is to get favor points on some of the deities.

I hope something like this happens

Rank 1 - 1000 = 3 points

Rank 2 - 2000 = 6 points

Rank 3+ - 3000 - 10 points

So every rank after 3 caps at only getting 3000 favor points and gives 10 points as a reward.

Some realms are just too stingy at getting points, e.g Swampland only gives 50 points for an obelisk (and there are likely only about 4 obelisks in the entire realm), where as in Azure you get 100 points for an apple, 125 points for winning a fight when you wish for Glory on a star and 100 points for an obelisk, it took hours to get 7500 favor points to max Meraxis just by 1 shotting level 1 mobs with the Meraxis favor food which is unfortunately the fastest method to get points in Swampland.

I suggest:

  • Realm Quests should always give like 300 points
  • Bonus portal boss fights should give 300 points
  • There is always 1 Piety Candle per area which gives 200 points

This way it is almost always possible to get at least 1000 favor points per area but only if you actively go about finishing the realm quests, lighting the candle and cleansing obelisks/gather items/fight assigned groups.

This puts it back on par with Siralim 1 where you got 3 Royalty points for clearing the stage quest.

Getting deity points should not be an ongoing increasingly difficult thing to obtain, it should be just as easy as it was to obtain royalty points in Siralim 1. Or else you will reach a point where enemy level + enemy gene strength scales far too high to overcome, far too early into the game’s lifetime.

Anybody else have thoughts?

I like “infiinite levels” in Siralims, but i don’t like to grind that much for such important part like deities.

i agree on making the last “real” levels less tedious to obtain.

Now that you mentioned it, I really don’t know why I thought giving 1 measly point per rank was a good idea. That’s an easy fix, though, so I’ll try to squeeze that into the next patch. Thanks for the feedback!

The thing about deity points is the costs to upgrade with them increase, so the cost of acquiring them shouldn’t ALSO increase or you end up with rapid exponential decay on the time invested towards those points. Either the rewards for the post-deified levels should scale upwards, or the cost of earning those points should remain static.

One of my favorite things from Siralim was that there were ways to gain Royalty points other than simply leveling, like doing tasks and finding potions. Is there any chance we’ll see alternate means of acquiring deity points?

If you change this, be careful about the achievements, because some players might get enough to go over 2500, for example, when the patch hits, and lose an achievement forever.