Deified Ranks Stuck

Hello, my deified gods are all stuck at 4999/5000. Other gods are still giving their rank up quests normally and work just fine.

Some ranks seem to get stuck in general, Gunfarian is stuck at 499/500 for me…no fix yet…or response

Zack (the lead developer) is definitely aware of this bug and working to fix it.

Which platform are you are on? ( Type of device and operating system)

I’m playing in PC (Win10) and have no trouble with lower ranks. I just moved one up to exalted, quest prompted just fine. I’ll make note if any other ones get held up, but for the moment it’s just deified. Have tried talking to the relevant god, gaining a bit of favor, then trying to talk again, but I don’t believe talking is even required for deified.

*One deity that was at deified rank 2 before the last patch was able to go up to 3. Only the ones I believe were base level deified pre-patch seem affected, but also perhaps the ones I’ve pushed up to that point since the patch.

I’m on android

Just confirming that it is indeed still bugged on PC, discovered this earlier. Stuck at 4999/5000 no matter what. Glad the devs are already aware and working on it :slight_smile:

Should be fixed in the next version! Added some new stuff to make sure it’ll be more adamant about giving you quests.

Awesome cheers for the response! Any idea when the update will be available, particularly on android?