Delay when clicking on orb after defeating False God

When you defeat the false god you need to click on the orb to bring up the menu to pick your anointment. Unfortunately there’s a bit of a delay to the screen coming up, and no feedback that I noticed (noise, etc) that you have clicked on the orb.

When you finish the false god fight you end up facing away from the orb, so I clicked again thinking maybe I hadn’t actually faced and clicked it the first time, and it ended up selecting the first anointment on the list without me ever seeing what it was. I had to go through my full list of anointments looking for what new one was no longer crossed out.

If the delay in the screen coming up is not avoidable, maybe add some kind of confirmation screen when selecting an anointment? “You can only choose one anointment, are you sure? No(default)/Yes”