Deprived, Pariah and Royal.. please no

Deprived and Pariah will not show up on the chalice which is nice. But also please consider making them not required for getting the extra anointment slots on Royal. Not everyone wants to crunch numbers and put together some sweaty team to try and use those two new classes.

I love, well loved the game and have it on PC and Android, with full intent on getting it for Switch. Now not so sure as Royal is a class I enjoy and starting over on the switch was exciting to me, but if these two new punshing classes are required I am not sure. I understand you are trying to cater to the select few who say the game is easy, but not all of us play it just to break the numbers… think alot of us play it to relax and have fun.

They’re already not required.

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I love you. thank you! I must have not noticed that in the class text. All the other new classes are amazing!