Design a Creature Skin

I just have a question about the pre-order specials.
There was an option to design a creature skin, which I purchased along with my early access.
However, while I did receive my key, I never heard about the creature skin again.
Are those still being designed? It’s been about one and a half years since my purchase, and my mail regarding this topic was never answered.
Am I still going to get messaged regarding this, or did something go wrong?

Hello! It appears that I did respond to your e-mail, but perhaps it went to spam.

If you purchased a skin package, you were sent a survey to collect information about it. If you filled it out, it’s in the game now.

Strange, I sent you a mail before I purchased it, and received the answer just fine…
Oh well, mails can be weird sometimes.
However, that’s exactly my point. I did receive a link to a survey, “Tier: Digital Release”, which had nothing to do with the purchased creature skin. I filled it out, received my key, but never heard anything about the creature skin.

Can you PM me with the email address you used so I can look it up please?