Design new traits for Abominations!

In Siralim 2, Abominations had traits that benefited temporary summoned creatures. They’re decent traits, but I think they’re too niche and don’t really fit well with the visual theme of this creature. I’ll be moving these traits into legendary crafting materials and giving Abominations all new traits. If you can think of an interesting theme for these traits, please let me know.

I love the Weak and Vulnerable debuffs, but no race specializes in them. Time to fix that!

Abomination Brute - This creature’s attacks deal 75% more damage and afflict the target with Weak for 5 turns.
Abomination Volatile - When an enemy is afflicted with either Weak or Vulnerable, this creature afflicts them with whichever of these debuffs the target doesn’t already have.
Flesh Abomination - When this creature attacks an enemy with Vulnerable, it deals 100% more damage, recovers Health equal to 100% of the damage dealt, and removes this debuff.
Gore Abomination - Your creatures’ attacks against enemy creatures with Vulnerable cannot miss and have a 50% greater chance to be critical strikes.
Ritual Abomination - Enemy creatures with Weak have 50% less Attack and cannot land critical strikes.
Wandering Abomination - After this creature is attacked, it afflicts the enemy with Vulnerable.
Bile Abomination - When this creature attacks an enemy with both Weak and Vulnerable, it has a 35% chance to kill the target.

Good idea! I accidentally skipped traits that are based on these two debuffs, I guess. I didn’t realize that until you pointed it out.