Design new traits for Bards!

In Siralim 2, Bards had traits that converted one stat into another at the start of battle. While useful, they’re also a little too boring. I’ll be moving these traits into legendary crafting materials and giving Bards all new traits. If you can think of an interesting theme for these traits, please let me know.


like aoe buffs/debuffs

+/- evasion ( or even ‘cannot miss’)
chant that shuffles turn order or lowers enemy turn order or just does some interaction with turn order. maybe ‘scry’ one of your creatures randomly goes next. ( not like time-skip where you choose)
lullaby is in flavor here, i do know sleep is already a thing, a lot
some type of ‘predestination’ curse, you predict what an enemy will do, and if they do it they take a huge punishment
reveal invisible AOE
+type of res or immunity
mass taunt or deflection/redirection

Maybe you could make a more interesting version of the existing Bard traits by moving them to triggered bonuses. Things like “when your monsters cast a spell they gain X amount of attack” or “when your creatures dodge an attack they gain X amount of defense.” Keep the theme of transferring stats from one stat to another, but make it a bit more active

Maybe have effects that trigger after the N’th attack/spell cast? Gives a rhythmic feel to it. Can be either a symmetrical effect or only count your creatures’ actions.

[ul][li]Every third healing spell cast also provides a Barrier of equal strength.[/li]
[li]Every forth spell cast restores 100% of the caster’s maximum mana.[/li]
[li]Every forth spell cast becomes 100% more effective.[/li]
[li]Every fifth attack becomes a critical hit.[/li]
[li]Every fifth creature that dies becomes resurrected with 100% Health.[/li][/ul]