Design new traits for Grimoires!

In Siralim 2, Grimoires had traits that gave them access to exclusive spell gems. Unfortunately, this didn’t turn out to be very useful, and it was difficult to balance them correctly. All of their spells can now be looted just like any other spell. If you can think of an interesting theme to replace Grimoire traits, please let me know.

Grimoires should obviously have something to do with spells. Ancient and Hidden should be a bit more powerful than the others.

They can keep their old trait names so I’ll only list the effects.

Runic Grimoire: Your creatures always have Arcane.

Pyro Grimoire: This creature’s spells that apply the Burn debuff deal 30% more damage. Enemies’ Burn debuffs applied by this creature also deal 30% more damage.

Necro Grimoire: Summon and Call spells used by this creature are 30% more powerful.

Faded Grimoire: This creature’s spells deal 100% more damage but have a 30% chance to fizzle.

Forbidden Grimoire: When an enemy casts a spell that is currently equipped by this creature, it’s reflected back at it.

Ancient Grimoire: Your Grimoire creatures share their first three equipped spells with each other.

Hidden Grimoire: Book of the Occult - Your Grimoire creatures have a 50% chance of starting battles with Multicast.

Grimoires should spit out unique spell gems/spells when you use them enough in battle, then get erased from the game.

Then you have a choice - bring along a lowly grimoires to learn it’s secrets, or use a stronger team member. And it gives a reason to make more or use more than 1.

I liked the Grimoires a lot, actually. I think instead of redesigning them from the ground up you could get a lot of mileage out of simply letting them share their spells automatically instead of burning a second creature/artifact slot for the Ancient Grimoire effect, especially the more utility-oriented ones.

What if Grimoires had an replace provoke with empower, and provided a large boost to the next spell cast of their type.
Grimoires to me feel like they should act as an amplifier for a mage of their type.
Issues to this would be providing a benefit or set of benefits that’s useful enough to want to run them with a few eligible spells rather than just one go to combo or not at all.
Pyro grimoire maybe giving something like. Your next chaos spell has the following additional properties and this buff is consumed
Single target spells Splash to adjacent at 65% power.
When Your creatures attack is increased they also gain berserk.
When This spell burns an enemy it also inflicts vulnerable.
Necro grimoire Your next Death spell has the following additional properties and this buff is consumed
When you summon a creature it starts at the top of the action que and has shell.
When you increase a creatures defence it also gains half of this as speed and health.
Damaging debuffs inflicted by this spell also decrease stats.

My problem with this is its a bit wordy and complicated if someone can think of a neater way of accomplishing similar that would be amazing but I like the idea of grimoires as a doubling down on being spell focused. Gotta have a wizard to go with a grimoire.

As the guy who originally came up with the Grimoire family, I feel like I have a personal stake in this particular discussion. Partially because I adore them and and because… well, I’m proud of them. Once that has been said though, I agree 100% that they are a balancing nightmare. Some of them are ludicrously overpowered, others are just “win-more” creatures and then there are certain combinations of them that are flat-out mandatory for certain themes to even be viable (Necro for the entirety of the Necromancer class and Pyro if you want a decent Burn team). So changes must be made, although they will be made with a heavy heart.

Not to mention that Forbidden is just plain useless.

Personally I believe the main issue with Grimoires is less due to their design, unique spells are fun after all, but rather that magic is general is much, much, much too powerful and how easily the Wizard class can break the game. When AoE’s are the rule rather than the exception, mana means nothing and stat buffs are all over the place, you get so many options that basically nothing can stand in your way and when you have a family of creatures who’s main gimmick is that they bring spells that are even more broken than the normally overpowered ones, you have a problem.

Then again, from what I understand spellcasting will be toned down a fair bit in Siralim the Third and mana won’t be regenerated instantly after each fight, so that might’ve been a mute point.

I rather like the idea of making Grimoires into minions who compliment certain types of spellcasting teams, like Pyro Grimoire increasing the potency of fire-based spells. One of the problems in Siralim 2 was that it was difficult to put together a team that didn’t cosist almost entirely of one family of creatures, which hurt diversity quite a bit, and having more “generally good but not great” traits would be a decent solution

Another idea could be to have Grimoires come with a pre-selected list of spells in addition to what they already have. Like say, Forbidden having access to all Curse/Silencing spells in the game without losing any gem-slots. Not great, but not bad either… maybe a bit lame though.

My favotire has got to be Dancash’s idea of “empowering” spells; either by replacing the Provoke key with said Empower-trait or by increasing the potency of suitable spells cast by the creature. Like, say, Pyro Grimoire causing Burn to instantly trigger on the target whenever it casts a fire spell or Forbidden triggering and/or applying Curse to its targets, if it uses a spell of the correct type (say, Abjuration or Anti-Magic). This would, admittedly, likely force spells to be given tags to denote what type of spell it is (Fire, Frost, Poison, etc…), but those tags alone could open up for a whole new world of possibilities.

Cosmic, Divine, Infernal, Necromantic, Corruption, Conjuration, Transmutation, Illussion, Elemental, etc. Those could all be potential sub-schools of magic, adding both flavor and gameplay - all solidified by the Grimoire family and a select number of other creatures.