Design new traits for Shapeshifters!

In Siralim 2, Shapeshifters had traits that replaced their “Defend” command with “Shapeshift”, allowing them to transform into a different creature. Unfortunately, this wasn’t very useful, and it also ensured that these creatures never maintained their original visual form. It feels like their visual appeal was wasted. If you can think of an interesting theme for these creatures, please let me know.

This is a tough one…

Maybe give them a 50% chance of copying each non-boss enemy trait of their class, with Master having a 30% of copying enemy traits from any class.

Apprentice is tough to get right, since it’s an Itherian, so it should be stronger than Master (which would contradict its name) and not be situational. Maybe copy the highest enemy stat (the highest number any of the enemies has in any stat except Health, just one stat) but add it to a random stat of the Apprentice. For example:

Enemy party: Wolpertinger with 14/15/16/13/12 stats + Vortex with 14/15/17/13/12 stats

The apprentice copies the highest stat, which is 17, then replaces one of its stats at random with that “17”.