Design your own traits!

Siralim 3 will have a lot more legendary crafting materials than the previous games, so I’m open to all ideas for new traits. Post them here!

Try not to make anything too complex, though - I prefer for most traits to have one specific function rather than a bunch of little perks all thrown together into one trait.

  1. Extra attacks for each debuff on the target

  2. Creature gains bonus stats based on your mage type

  3. Creature gains bonus stats based on the amount of resources you have

Creator’s smile: this creature deals 100% more damage. Victims receives 25% of lost HP as Barrier.
Imagined burden: enemy basic attacks costs 2 mana.
Kiss of Eternity: your creatures’ stats (except Mana) grows 15% each turn. They cannot be modified any other way.
Collapsing turmoil: all your creatures have access to each other spellgems for 50% cost. They cannot cast same spell more than once per battle.
Overdose: this creature casts spells at 100% more potency. It always spends both HP and Mana to cast.
Irregulation: enemies always have Mend. Mend deals damage as long as this creature is alive.
When love is gone: no restoration effects works while this creature is alive.

Brownie Loner: After this creature attacks, it casts Homing Arrow on the same target. If it is equipped with a Bow, the spell deals X% more damage.

Whiptail Clutcher: After an enemy dodges an attack, this creature attacks each enemy once.

Static Clutcher: After an enemy dodges an attack, this creature casts Chain Lightning on it.

Smoke Devil: This creature casts Smoke Bomb at the start of its turn, then becomes Invisible.

Vegetable Dumpling: Exotic Ingredient - Increases the potency of your chef buffs by 50%. This trait does not stack. (Stacks with Secret Ingredient :-X)

Hunter Scout: After this creature attacks, it casts Entangling Arrow on a random target. This effect repeats for each Hunter fighting on your side.

Watcher Sentinel: This creature deals 50% more damage for each Watcher creature you have more than the enemy.

Malignant Spirit: All creatures always have Blight.

Sphinx Usurper: Sphinx traits now increase with each different class of creature fighting on your side instead of creatures of the same class. (Ordainer could be a problem).

War Crafter: Your creatures’ artifacts with two base stats have 100% extra base stats.

Damnation drive: this creature receives 75% of HP it lost from curse as Attack. It starts battle with curse.
Lesser half of apocalypse: damage from curse doubles each turn it’s applied when this creature is alive. All enemies starts battle with curse.

Apollinaire - Carnage dance: all effects that activate when you kill a creature will activate twice.
Maluh - Inquisition: Your creatures deal 5% more damage for each non-temporary Life spell gem each of your creatures have equipped. This trait does not stack.

Changeling: This creature has all classes and all creature types.

I don’t have exact traits, but here are ideas for types of traits that might be worthy of consideration:

Trait X: This creature gains [[Some bonus]] for each ally using the same type of artifact.

Note: I apologize if my terminology is off, but the idea is that if this creature is using (say) an Axe, then it benefits from allies who also use axes. (Basically, I think traits that make type of artifact matter are interesting)

Trait Y: When this creature’s awakened artifact triggers, [[Something]] happens.

Note: I am not sure what the right type of trigger is here. Perhaps something like “Spells cast by this creature’s awakened artifact deal 50% more damage” … Or perhaps “When this creature’s awakened artifact triggers, the creature gains 25% bonus to Attack and Intelligence for the rest of the battle” …

Trait Z : This Nether creature has the [[Something]] Aura in addition to its current Nether Aura.

Note: For traits that never appear on creatures in the wild – e.g., only appear on an Artifact or Crating Material – I think it is interesting to have traits that specifically benefit Nether Creatures. Getting to have two Nether Auras is the first thing that comes to mind, but I can imagine other cool Nether-specific traits

Final Note: I would love to see more traits that care about positioning within my party. I like the current traits that care about position and adjacency, but I don’t have any concrete ideas.

Some ideas for Opal and Amethyst Attunement:

-All creatures have 100% more Mana.
-All creatures have 0 Maximum Mana.
-All creatures’ stats are equal to the average of all their stats, excluding Health. (This could also be an upgrade to Temperance, since it’s useless in its current form).
-All creatures’s stats are shuffled randomly.
-All creatures have 50% less Health.
-All creatures lose access to their artifact traits (too cruel? ;D)

[ul][li]Blood Armor - When this creature takes damage from Bleed, it gains Grace, Protect, and Ward for 1 turn.[/li]
[li]Cursed Magic - This creature casts spells at 0 Mana, but can only cast spells if it has any debuffs.[/li]
[li]Narcolepsy - This creature deals 200% more damage, but gains Sleep after it attacks or casts a spell.[/li]
[li]Grumpy - This creature starts the battle with Sleep, Multicast, and Multistrike for 3 turns.[/li]
[li]Guardian Spear - When this creature Defends, it casts Holy Spear.[/li]
[li]Perfect Focus - When this creature attacks an enemy and deals 0 damage, it deals additional damage equal to 100% of its Intelligence.[/li]
[li]Unstable Adaptation - This creature has a 50% chance to heal instead of take damage from a debuff.[/li][/ul]

[ul][li]Drunken Master - Your creatures with Confused deal 90% less damage to allies and 90% more damage to enemies.[/li]
[li]Magical Cascade - Your creatures spells cost 0 Mana. This trait is disabled after any damage is dealt. [/li]
[li]Mystical Shield - When your creatures Defend, they gain a Barrier equal to 20% of its Defense.[/li]
[li]Sleep Dancer - Your creatures can act normally, deal 50% more damage, and take 50% less damage while Sleeping.[/li]
[li]Stealth Arts - When your creatures gain Silence, they also gain Invisible.[/li][/ul]

Nothing or Nothing - this creature receives no effect from any other traits in game.
Torn veil - all spells cast on those creature affects rest of it’s party at 25% potency as well.
Inisidous genesis - when attacking, this creature always targets itself. 25% of resulting damage is dealt to every enemy creature.
Fatestitcher - when this creature dies from damage, random other creature dies as well.

“When this creature would remove buffs and/or debuffs from a target, it instead transforms the target’s buffs into debuffs and vise-versa. This creature always knows Dispel Magic”.

  • Rewards utilitarian usage of magic with more utility and prevents abuse by keeping the effect on one duder.

“This creature causes bonus healing and damage for each point of mana the target is missing. This creature always knows Counterspell”.

  • Rewards “anti-mana” spells/traits and can be used both offensively and defensively.

“Your creatures takes less damage from natural disasters (Whirlwind, Volcano, etc) and this creature deals more damage with those spells”.

  • Plays around with magic “themes”, rather than the usual emphasis on what a spell does.

“At the start of combat this creature dies and becomes a bonus weapon for one of your creatures, chosen at random, for the rest of combat”.

  • Necromancer(!!!)/Warlock/Wizard support.

“Your undead creatures (Ghouls, Abominations, etc) start combat with Leech and are immune to Blight”.

  • Yet again: Themes > effects.

“Your spectral creatures (Banshees, Wraiths, etc) have a chance to freeze enemies when they attack and are attacked”.

  • See above.

“Your creatures all start combat with Shell and gain Shell at the end of their turns, but take 100% extra damage”.

  • For the people who want to see the, hopefully dead and gone, 1-turn kill ‘meta’ return.

“This creature gains bonus Health/Defense for each friendly creature wearing a [Insert Weapon Type]”.

  • Let’s all pretend that weapon stypes matter and let Chumsie feel good about crafting staves and wizard hat’s, shall we?

“This creature ignores all stat-changes”.

  • In case we get another stat-changes-wahey situation.

“Whenever an enemy creature becomes Cursed or starts Burning, apply the other of the two debuffs to the target”.

  • Cursed is rather underwhelming and that flaming mummy is just begging for this.

“Blind creatures have a chance to attack their allies and ignore their accuracy penalty when doing so”.

  • Neither Blind nor Confused got any real love in Siralim the Second, despite both Harpies and Wyverns being perfect for the task of synergizing with it.

“Confusion now also affects spellcasting”.

  • See above.

“This creature gains bonus Defense/Health equal to X% of its Intelligence, but it can’t cast spells by any means”.

  • Finding a tank for spellcasting builds was bordering on impossible, what with all of the +int stacking going on with the rest of the team. This fixes that problem and keeps the creature in tow.