Despair not working as intended

Game Platform: Android
Game Version: 1.1.1
Game Platform: Switch
Game Version: 1.1.3

Involved Traits & Perks:

Despair (Dolor Sin/Book of Pain)
After an enemy loses stats, this creature afflicts it with a random debuff.

Unholy Night (Defiler <:defiler:908082424771145759>)
Ranks: 1 | Cost Per Rank: 100
Anointment Available: Loid Prime
After your creatures afflict enemies with a debuff, they deal damage to them equal to 80% of their lowest stat.


Despair says that when a creature loses stats THIS creature (the creature with Despair) would apply the debuff, which should trigger Despair. However, when I have leeching on my creatures as a Defiler, the active creature gets the leech from every Unholy Night proc, NOT the creature with Despair.

How to replicate the issue:

I have the Doomsday Spectre listed in the below build. The hope was that when an enemy died the Doomsday Spectre would proc Myrtle’s shell, trigger Despair and Unholy Night, and heal with leeching. I was also hoping to get leeching procs off the Plate of 4080 but this also does not attribute the Unholy Night procs to the Despair creature.

Instead what happens is the creature that gets the kill gets the heal. It also appears that the active creature is considered the source for Unholy Night procs triggered by Despair. I can tell because if the creature applies debuffs itself every instance of Unholy Night deals roughly the same damage instead of increasing with stat gains on the Doomsday Spectre. I’m not sure what is getting the procs from the Plate of 4080 as nothing seems to ever trigger leeching off of those stat loss → Despair → Unholy Night procs.