Devblog #20: Realm Events, Quests, and "Interactability"

I wanted to be able to show you guys some screenshots of some new realm environments by now, but as you can see, we had to hire a new artist recently. I don’t want to get into too many details but I ultimately decided to move on without the old artist. Fortunately, we’ve already found a replacement and I can honestly say he’s the best we’ve had so far. I do not believe this issue will delay Siralim 2 at all. And don’t worry, the same guy who drew the creatures in Siralim 1 is doing them for Siralim 2 as well.

With that bit of information out of the way, let’s discuss how events will work in the realms of Siralim 2!

In Siralim 1, there weren’t too many complex events in the game. For the most part, you just ran around the realm, interacting with various nodes to gain items and resources. The exceptions to this rule were the NPCs who would offer you quests, such as when you were tasked with finding Zenpang’s long-lost brother. In Siralim 2, I want realms to feel much more alive and interactive. This will be accomplished through two main implementations: 1) dynamic questing and 2) randomized event results.

Dynamic Questing

When you first enter a realm, the god of that realm will whisper to you from an unknown location. They’ll probably tell you that something is amiss in their realm, or maybe they’ll see an opportunity for you to help your kingdom in some way. These are essentially the same as Duties in Siralim 1, but they’ll be called Realm Quests this time around. Realm Quests are going to be a little less time-consuming than Duties, and the goal is for each Realm Quest to take the same amount of time to complete. They’ll be relatively simple, straightforward tasks, and only by completing a Realm Quest can you reach the teleportation shrine and move on to a new realm. Realm Quests are the best way for you to gain favor with the gods.

Aside from Realm Quests, you can also find certain events and NPCs in realms that task you with other quests called Side Quests. These quests must be completed in the same realm where they were received, and are generally unique to a specific realm. For example, in the Eternity’s End realm (that’s what the game calls it, but I call it the Space Biome…you’re actually on another planet in this realm!), you might find a Sun Orb on the ground. When you pick it up, enemies will begin spawning and will chase you. Your goal is to take the Sun Orb and find the Moon Orb as quickly as possible. The Sun Orb saps your powers and, therefore, your creatures will not regenerate health between battles while the Sun Orb is in your possession. This quest is a great example of how the game will shake up your normal routine where you would have otherwise combed through the realm methodically, grabbing everything you can get your hands on before moving to the next realm. Some Side Quests will be much slower-paced. Others might require you to play a minigame. All Side Quests are completely optional, so if you hate a particular type of Side Quest, you’re free to skip it.

On top of all this, you’ll sometimes have a Castle Quest to complete. Castle Quests involve the game’s main storyline, and will either direct you to talk to a certain NPC or defeat a certain boss to progress the storyline. Unlike in Siralim 1, Castle Quests are not optional. I think the Castle Quests in Siralim 1 were very well-implemented as they definitely helped shed some light on an otherwise complex game, but I think they held the player’s hand a bit too much. In Siralim 2, I want Castle Quests to focus on telling the game’s story. If this is implemented properly, these will also serve as a tutorial without the player even realizing it. After the main story is complete, the librarian will give you a nearly-infinite supply of Castle Quests that are long-term versions of Realm Quests. You can complete these in order to unlock new breeding recipes and other information in the library.

Of course, it might be difficult to remember that you have 3 or more tasks to complete at one time. For that reason, Siralim 2 will have a quest log where you can view your current quests at any time.

Randomized Event Results

In Siralim 1, there were a few objects that had randomized outcomes. An example would be the nomad tents in the Grasslands - sometimes the nomads were home, other times they were out hunting. I want to take this concept and build on it in Siralim 2. Each object and event will have several different possible outcomes. Using our previous example in the Dynamic Questing section, sometimes when you grab the Sun Orb, you’ll simply need to seek out the Moon and Arcane orbs to complete the quest. Other times, the god of Eternity’s End will be angered that you are so insolent to take his precious treasure without asking and will challenge you to a trial by combat of sorts. Or, using the nomad tent example, sometimes the nomads might attack you or instead offer to trade with you.


Siralim has always been about grinding (at least to some extent), but I also want to give players a fun and refreshing experience in Siralim 2. I think dynamic quests and thorough randomization of events will make players say “wow, that was fun!” after they complete each realm rather than just “alright, on to the next one”.

Mmm the further development goes the more cool stuff that pops up and tells me that I will want this game.

I think I caught a glimpse of the space biome on your now-removed hire page. And, wow, it definitely looked more complete since there were a lot more things compared to now.

Everything else sounds awesome, especially the quest log addition!

Yeah, even the old environments are receiving a ton of new objects :slight_smile:

The quest system sounds really good.

It appears that you are giving players an interesting choice:
– Do a relatively simple and straightforward quest for the God and then move on the next realm
– Explore the realm more thoroughly and complete any side-quests that you find