Devlog #11: Creature Races and Abilities, Part 4

Yet another short post because I’m still moving. It never ends.

Luckily, I have some of my favorite new creatures to share with you today!


Grimoires are a new creature belonging to the Sorcery class. These creatures are interesting because their abilities grant them access to three unique spells that can’t be found anywhere else in the game. There are 6 different Grimoires, and each one provides 3 different spells, so that’s a total of 18 spells that are designed specifically for this creature race. The spells are designed to synergize with each other so that you can unleash devastating combos on your enemies.


Watchers capitalize on having “more of something” than their enemies. You might be familiar with this concept from the Occultists in Siralim 1 - for example, a Watcher might deal additional damage equal to the amount of Intelligence it has greater than its target. Another Watcher might reduce incoming damage on its allies for each Sorcery creature you have greater than the enemy. I don’t have the abilities completely designed for these creatures yet, but this is the general flavor that I’m aiming toward.


Gorgons capitalize on utilizing the Stun debuff to its fullest potential. One of the basic Gorgons has a chance to Stun enemies when they attack any of your creatures. Another Gorgon increases all damage dealt to stunned enemies.

Moving is definitely a major pain!!

Really appreciate you taking the time to write (even short) updates during the chaos of the move.

Grimoires sound like they are going to be incredibly fun! Hope moving does not stress you out too much. I do like that it seems Siralim 2 is going to be centered more around races than its predecessor did. Most monsters of the same race before did not exactly seem to truly fit in as a member of that race. I could be recalling it wrong though.

Gorgons seem fun, just be careful to not make them too powerful considering how strong stun can be.

I’m seeing a lot of deep realm potential with that gorgon ability, though I have my fingers crossed that it won’t be necessary and we’ll be able to push much further with stat-based parties (or party of sin!) in siralim 2.

Yeah, I’m putting special effort into making the game all about stats. There will be a lot more ways to counter powerful debuffs this time around also, so I doubt there will be too many ways to be invincible. Of course, I’ll also balance and re-balance the game as needed after release to ensure that there’s nothing too gamebreaking.

So essentially this will game will allow us to go as far as we want as long as we put in the breeding effort to create our teams? Awesome if that is the case.

Based on the images in the “Creature Races and Abilities” posts, it looks like Siralim 2 will have a similar artistic style to Siralim 1 (which is good, I quite liked the flavor of Siralim graphics).

Zack: Was there anything in particular that you felt didn’t work with regards to the look and feel of Siralim 1? Is there anything that is changing from the point of view of visual style or look and feel? [Note: it is possible that visual style / art / look-and-feel could be an excellent topic for a future development blog post]

Siralim 2 will have the same exact art style as Siralim 1. To answer your question, we actually launched the game with an entirely different art style and ended up releasing a patch to revamp it all. The game was so ugly that it looked like an absolute joke.

Here’s a screenshot of the old Death Realm:

Unfortunately, there are still some screenshots of the ugly version floating around the internet. Regardless, I’m really happy with the way everything turned out after we revamped every single tile and sprite in the whole game.

Anyway, there will be one other subtle difference in the way realms look in Siralim 2: when you enter a realm, there’s a chance that it will take on an alternate appearance. For example, the Winter Realm has a day and night version, and the Grassland Biome has an autumn version. This won’t have any effect on gameplay, but it should help to vary things up a bit from an aesthetic perspective. I want to have at least three alternate appearances for each realm.

Wow! That death realm shot is definitely something special … Kind of makes me glad that I didn’t discover the game until the Steam release :->

Hey Zack, I can’t agree with that !! I love how Siralim looked like at its beginning. And I love how your team has managed to improve it afterwards. But Siralim has never been ugly. It was delightfully retro.

Pardon me for bumping the thread. But I’ve been reading the development threads, despite wanting to avoid the hype-train, and I couldn’t help but notice that the Grimoire minion is rather similar (to say the least) to the Grimoire minion-type that I proposed in the Kreate-a-Kreature thread. Naturally my proposed design was for Siralim the First and as such there are certain minor differences.

[quote=“Chumsie, post:18, topic:599”]Name: Grimoire(s).
Class: Sorcery.
General purpose: To make magic builds more feasible.
General abilities: Casts free random spells from a select list when defending. The spells are dependent on what Grimoire is casting them and they scale with your Spell Power.
General stats: Decent speed, very high defenses against “its” school and average health. Horrible attack though.
Design: An enchanted spellbook which hovers slightly above ground.[/quote]

Are chances that I, perchance, managed to (gasp of all gasps!) inspire the great and powerful Zack (all hail!) and that not only was my dream minion added to the game, but I actually had a hand in its creation as well? :o

Either way I couldn’t be more hyped for the beta, even if I tried. Spellbooks and magic galore, oh’ my! Throw in a Magic Missile spell and my brain would go poof. ;D

Yep! I tried to comb through the forums a bit to see if anyone had some good suggestions for new creatures. I think we ended up using your Grimoire idea and someone else’s Masochist idea.