Devlog #12: Playing Siralim 2 YOUR Way (Repentance System)

Remember the various game modes available to you in Siralim 1, such as reincarnation mode and random creature mode? Well, those are all coming back, but this time they’re way better thanks to the new Repentance System!

First, you’ll need to build a Blood Altar in your castle. This object will allow you to turn different gameplay elements on and off at will. Each of the 15 gods have a matching gameplay element that you can configure after you earn enough favor with them. Here are a few examples:

  1. Gonfurian, the God of War’s repentance is called Strife. If you activate Strife, new enemies will spawn to replace enemies you defeat in realms. This means that you can potentially farm a realm for as long as you want without ever having to leave. Special events will also spawn after you defeat enough enemies, such as new treasure chests or even powerful bosses. You can toggle Strife on/off whenever you want.

  2. Torun, the God of Anger’s repentance is called Rage. This particular repentance is specific to the arena, and it causes your creatures to fight automatically in arena battles. You won’t be able to give them any input at all - they’ll use the same exact AI as the enemy. In return, the rewards you receive from the arena will be much better than normal. I’m expecting players to create teams specifically for use with this repentance, so I’m pretty excited about it since it will potentially add a new dimension to the game.

  3. Lister, the God of Fortune’s repentance is called Starvation. While Starvation is activated, enemies have a chance to drop their “meat” when you kill them. You -must- feed one of your creatures that enemy’s meat, and when you do, it will turn your creature into a different one. The creature it becomes uses the same rules as the game’s breeding system, so you can think of Starvation as a super fast-paced version of breeding (minus the stat boost). For balance purposes, once you activate Starvation, you can never deactivate it unless you start a new save file.

Aside from that, you’ll also be given a few options at the very start of the game. That’s when you can choose to play in Hardcore Mode and Random Creature Mode, but there’s also one new feature called the Ban List. Thanks to the Ban List, you can prevent certain creatures and spells from ever spawning in the game. A lot of people hated certain creatures in Siralim 1 (such as the Topaz Paragon) and some spells (such as Snowstorm), so the Ban List will allow you to customize whether or not you ever encounter these in the wild. Of course, you also won’t be able to encounter these creatures and spells yourself if they’re banned. Since this is a fairly advanced option, the Ban List is unlocked only after you reach a certain character level on one of your save files. Note that I’m not 100% sure about all the details on how the Ban List will work and there’s no guarantee that it will even make it into the final game - there is a lot to consider for such a game-changing feature.

Wow, all of this sounds wonderful. As long as there is plenty of warnings for non-deactivateable repentences I can’t see a flaw. Toggling game-modes seems great!

Ban list. Potentially a great feature, more balanced than just not summoning certain creatures in Siralim 1.

Looking forward to Siralim 2 even more!.

Ban List does sound great, nothing wrong with letting players tweak their game to make it more fun for them (though achievements should probably be disabled for that mode).

Repentance system is cool, I’m already trying to come up with builds for them. One thing that did stand out immediately was Strife given the Intimidation ability (pit worm harbinger). I’m not sure if you would consider that cheese, it would depend on what kind of rewards are gained from Strife’s additional spawns/chests.

I’m shying away from abilities that work like Intimidation for Siralim 2. They’re a cool concept, but ultimately they don’t really work as a fun game mechanic. Keep in mind that all abilities are being redesigned in the sequel :slight_smile:

So if you ban it, you can’t use it yourself… seems fair to me… although with paragons you can just choose not to summon them and hope to get their legendary materials instead… that said I am quite curious how equipment is going to be. Also the Repentance system sounds amazing, Strife in particular. Wait… is it possible to have a large number of these modes on at the same time? That could be crazy fun.

Some are mutually exclusive (one makes all realms larger, another makes them smaller, so you can’t use both at once), but you can normally enable as many as you want at a time.

With what I seen so far it seems like not only will be awesome on its own, but as you progress you earn ways to customize your experience to whatever you feel like within reason. In my opinion I expect it will turn to be quite a few steps beyond what the current Siralim offers. Getting quite hyped for it already!

I’m not really looking forward options at the start of the game because I find that Siralim (and Siralim 2) are not games that you can play several times. They are really complex and developping a single game file is already a lot of time and investment.

For instance, I’m pretty sure I’ll never use the Ban List because I want to experiment everything the game has to offer. And I feel this could really unbalance the game if you ban some essential creatures or spells.

Everything else you’re coming with for Siralim 2 makes me want to play the game even more each day. Please stop torturing us and get back to work so we can play the game :smiley:

Speaking of reincarnation mode, any thoughts on improving its interaction with some of the game areas? I enabled it in my Siralim game because I felt the default dealth risk/penalty was way too light, and in general exploration it was perfect. However, some stuff, like raising new creatures and playing the arena were painful to the extent that they became unfun IMO.

So how exactly does the family tree of the breeding system work? I get that you will be able to feed meat to a creature changing it, (and I’m guessing its ability) but do they get completely reborn (level 1, base stats + Orb Bonuses if Nether Creature + Demon Bonuses if a Nether Demon)? It sounds really complicated. Im intrigued absolutely, Im just unsure of what comes from this and will breeding (Mutating is more accurate i guess) be random or will it follow a pattern. Will “meat” be rare? Will some creatures be incompatible? Maybe Im just to anxious. Looking forward to the War god and Arena God though. Better Bonuses are always welcome, even if they come at a price.

When you ask about the “breeding” system, are you referring to the standard breeding system:

Or are you referring to the starvation repentance (rules modification) mentioned in this Devlog?

Originally I was replying about the starvation system. But after looking at your recommended post, Im sort of thinking about asking what that breeding system is.