Devlog #14: Creature Races and Abilities, Part 5

This will be the final creature reveal post because I don’t want to spoil all the new creatures before the game is released!


The Tremor race belongs to the Nature class. These creatures specialize in interrupting their opponents whenever they try to do certain actions. For example, one Tremor has a chance to prevent enemies from successfully attacking, while another Tremor can break enemies out of their defensive/provoking stances and cause extra damage when they attack.


Waspids are the tribal race for the Nature class. This means that your Waspids gain additional benefits for each other Waspid fighting on your side. Players will be able to optimally travel with 6 Waspids in their party and unleash a swarm to devastate their enemies.


Arachnalisks also belong to the Nature class, and focus on utilizing the Poison and Snare debuffs. These creatures work very well in parties that rely on damage-over-time effects.

I can understand why you don’t want to spoil everything, but hopefully this isn’t the end of the development blog posts! :->

Also, you mentioned that many creatures are returning from Siralim 1, but that you are re-doing most of the existing abilities to better fit the new game.

Could you give an example (or two), perhaps in a future development blog, of a race from Siralim 1 that will be returning, but which had some changes to their racial identity? (E.g., some races in Siralim 1 don’t have a particularly strong racial identity … at least compared to the Siralim 2 races that you have previewed – so I assume that races from Siralim 1 have been shifted a bit to be more cohesive as a race.)

This is just the final creature reveal post - there will be plenty more development blog posts :slight_smile:

All creatures from Siralim 1 will return to Siralim 2, but as you said, they’ll have entirely different abilities this time around. I’ll probably discuss this in more detail in a separate topic.

Excellent! These dev-blog points have great, really appreciate you taking the time to write these up for us.

P.S. Tremor concept is really interesting!

Tremors sound quite humorous to make use of… :stuck_out_tongue: