Devlog #16: Artifacts and Artifact Realms

Artifacts won’t see too many changes between Siralim 1 and 2. You’ll still enchant them the same way, level them up to gain more stat slots, and each creature can still equip only one at a time. However, there are a few changes coming to the artifact system that are worth discussing.

Let’s start with the big one: Artifact Realms! Eventually, you’ll be able to find an item called a Portal Key. These one-time-use items allow you to enter the interior of an artifact called an Artifact Realm. Each artifact holds 100 Artifact Realms, and they must be cleared in consecutive order from level 1 to 100. Each time you clear an Artifact Realm, the artifact you entered will gain +1% Quality. Quality serves as a multiplier for all the stats on the artifact, and can reach a maximum of 100%. In this way, you can upgrade your artifact and maximally double its stats.

Artifact Realms are much smaller than normal realms, contain far fewer enemies and objects, and the enemies are much easier to defeat. The goal is for each Artifact Realm to take no more than one minute to clear. I want these realms to feel like a relaxing break from the otherwise difficult main portion of the game. With that said, if you die or choose to exit the artifact’s interior for any reason, you’ll need to obtain another Portal Key before you can enter it again. But don’t worry - you’ll be able to pick up right where you left off last time; you won’t have to start all the way at level 1 again.

Several events are exclusive to Artifact Realms as well. Sometimes, you’ll encounter a room with only one enemy that is guarding a dozen treasure chests. Other times, you’ll enter a stray tavern from a faraway kingdom where you’ll be able to converse and trade with its patrons. The possibilities are endless, and I think Artifact Realms will be a lot of fun and a welcome diversion from normal realm grinding.

Some other minor changes are coming to the artifacts sytem as well:

You can rename your artifacts! This is done through a new process called “Branding” which can be found at the blacksmith. It will cost a small amount of brimstone and crystal to rename your artifact. You can name it whatever you want as long as it’s 16 characters or less.

Primary stats can now be reforged. They’ll operate just like any other stat on an artifact, except they’ll be a lot more potent than secondary stats. For example, if Health is a primary stat, it will have about 2x as high of a value as if the Health was added as a secondary stat.

Class Shields, such as Chaos Shields, have been reworked. Since there are no longer class-specific defensive stats such as Life Defense and Nature Defense, class-specific shield artifacts needed to be changed. These shields now have a unique property: “Decrease damage taken from attacks and spells by 90%”. For example, a Chaos Shield’s primary stat will always be “Decreases damage taken from Chaos attacks and spells by 90%”.

Holy cow, Disgaea item world with events and no more throwaway primary stat. This is shaping up to be the definitive “desert island” game.

Variety of experiences is definitely valuable for this kind of game. (I mean, Siralim 1 starts to get a little stale after the first couple-hundred hours, maybe Siralim 2 will have more longevity ). In any case, the Artifacts realms seem to be a really nice touch in the variety department.

In general, Artifacts work quite well in Siralim 1. The progress (especially through the mid game) of getting a set of fully-leveled artifacts with the “right” set of enchantments on them is interesting and rewarding.

Random side question regarding variety of experiences: Do enemies ever use Runes?

Nope. Enemies won’t have access to anything that would be difficult or impossible for me to show the effects to the player, and runes definitely fall into that category. That’s also why most enemies won’t have more than one ability (with the exception of enemies found in Nether Realms - but those are intended to feel crazy and difficult).

It makes that you want to avoid things that are difficult/impossible to show to the player.

However, the rune system seems like a great way to add variety to the game. You should think about whether there is some way to [occasionally] allow the players to fight through a realm where all enemies have a given rune. (As a way to make a realm feel different from other realms.) Perhaps this somehow ties into the Repentance system … or maybe there is a Shrine-like object that spawns granting the player a reward in exchange for giving a rune to all enemies in the realm …

… Maybe there isn’t a good way to work any form of enemy runes into the game … but given the effort you put into designing a good rune system, it seems a shame not to let the enemies use it on occasion :->

Oh this is going to be so very lovely… I can see the construction of teams from Siralim 2 being able to overcome the ones from the Original game.

I like the part where primary stats can be reforged. Artifact primary stat not being to keep up to the level is one of the thing I disliked in siralim 1. There is still the weird part of how every creature can use a sword but I guess that can’t be helped.

One thing I completely forgot to mention: you can rename your artifacts in Siralim 2! This is done through a new process called “Branding” which is available at the blacksmith. You can name an artifact anything you want as long as it’s 16 characters or less.

Oh is there any benefit to branding aside from the renaming?

Nope, it’s just for immersion purposes, and for helping to differentiate between similar artifacts. It was a frequently-requested feature for Siralim 1, but due to the way the artifact system was originally coded, it wasn’t really feasible to add it to the game.


Naming could be helpful in easily identifying items and what role they play for your team. Can be a bit tough when you have five of “Sword Lvl 10” or something.

Eh, artifact stats are relatively minor as you scale up. Eventually (no matter what), you will reach a level where your creatures will do minimum damage only. The other thing is that the stats of a level 1000 wizard’s artifact aren’t substantially different than that of a level 1050 wizard. As your wizard gains more levels, each increase is a lower % value to what it contributes. It’s one of the reasons why something like Brim Smith is so great at the start, but then peters out for late-game teams. You’re always fighting a battle between linear vs. multiplicative scaling. And while you’ll win with linear at the outset, eventually, multiplicative (ie, your enemies) win.

Also, the primary stats really don’t matter because they’re just one stat. They matter in the beginning, but later, it’s not a big deal.

Loving the artifact realm idea though! S2 is a day one purchase. Hands down.

However with Siralim 2’s different way with dealing with enemies, artifacts will matter a bit more.