Devlog #2: Spell Spheres

Siralim 2 will have a much different spell system than in Siralim 1. Instead of finding spell scrolls, you’ll find a new type of item called Spell Spheres. It’s much easier to show an example of one, so here’s a basic version of this item:

Holy Smite
Life Spell Sphere
Targeting: Single Target
25 Mana
Deals damage to the target based on 100% of the caster’s Intelligence, then heals one of your creatures equal to 50% of the damage dealt.

Chance to Cast Twice: 30%
Casts On Extra Enemy
Mana Cost Increased by 10[/code]

Each of your creatures can equip a certain number of Spell Spheres based on their “Attunement” stat. For example, if a creature has 4 Attunement, it can equip 4 different Spell Spheres. You can increase your creatures’ Attunement with certain artifact properties, passive abilities, and perks. The potency of the spell is most commonly affected by another new stat called Intelligence, and spell damage is now mitigated by the target’s Defense stat. In addition, all creatures now have their own Mana pool, so when they cast a spell, the mana cost is deducted from that creature’s mana pool rather than a shared pool like in Siralim 1. Unlike health, mana does not regenerate after combat and is only regenerated after you reach a realm’s teleportation shrine.

It’s also worth noting that in most circumstances, a creature can only equip Spell Spheres that have spells of that creature’s own class - so for example, a Unicorn Vivifier can’t equip a Death Spell Sphere. Note that unlike in Siralim 1, there are no charges on Spell Spheres - you can now cast spells as often as you want. There will be over 200 Spell Spheres for you to find.

As you can see in the example above, Spell Spheres also have a certain number of properties. These properties are determined when you first acquire the Spell Sphere. They can roll between 1 and 4 different properties that affect the way a spell works. In this case, Holy Smite has a 30% chance to be cast on the target a second time, and it always casts on another enemy at random. To offset these benefits, the mana cost of the spell is increased by 10. There will be roughly 10 different properties that can be found on your Spell Spheres. Some rare properties are really awesome - for example, “Hits All Creatures In Group” would turn Holy Smite into an area-of-effect spell.

There will not be an easily-accessible way to modify a Spell Sphere’s properties - if you want a Spell Sphere with certain properties, you’ll have to hunt for it. This is a deliberate design choice because it will force players to constantly adapt their strategy to what they’re given by the game, which should ultimately lead to more dynamic gameplay. That’s not to say that there won’t be any way to directly affect your Spell Spheres, but the process won’t be as straightforward as with artifacts.

Many creatures now have abilities that affect spellcasting as well. For example, the Lich Priest’s “Blood Magic” ability now allows it to cast spells using its health rather than mana. As another example, the Fire Priest’s “Shepherd of Fire” ability now makes your creatures take significantly less damage from Chaos spells.

I approve of spell spheres

Wow, seems like an awesome change. Now you can have spell casting specialists since a high int creature with lots of attunement can become really good i assume.

I am really excited about Siralim 2. Not sure about the breeding system though. It seems awesome in general. just worried that it will require huge amounts of work to get a certain creature with high base stats, ( Since you will basically have to plan out loads of steps of breeding ).
However if you just want uber creatures you can always level anything, breed, rinse repeat.

Either way, siralim 2, can’t wait!

There will be an option at the start of the game to disable the extraction limit so that you can extract from creatures that you haven’t bred yet. That way, you can use breeding only to increase your creatures’ stats if you want.

That’s not what i meant. I mean if i want creature Y with as high stat as possible. And the recipe is X+Z = Y

Then i have to know the recipe for X+Z So (a+b) + (c+d) = Y

So if i want the specific creature Y with high stats i would need to figure out loads of recipes. ATM, you gather nether orb mats and create creature Y.
While the breeding itself seems extremly cool, i am just worried it will be harder to PLAN your team unless you forgo high stats. Because you will need to level loads and loads of monsters. Then again its not a BAD thing.

Not being able to extract non-bred monsters is fine though.

Question is this. the starting tier monsters, will they have ways to breed them with higher tier monsters? So that you can make higher stat low tier monsters?
OR rather, is breeding circular. So that any monster can lead to any other with enough steps.

(in above example i would like to be able to use a base Y to bread f, then use the f to breed a g, then use the g to breed an a, which in turn can be used with b c and d to breed Y again, will this be possible?)

One of the breeding combination rules is that in 99% of cases, Creature A + Creature B = Creature A if they both belong to the same class. There are a few exceptions to that rule, but more often than not, that’s the case. So you can increase your creatures’ stats just by doing that and still keep the same creature.

Ah, that is excellent news. I am totally satisified with that solution. The spell solution also sounds amazing.
I am guessing the ritual for eggs will be the nether stuff. Generally i just wanna play Siralim 2 now. It’s gonna be a long wait for the beta even.

Any changes to how artifacts works? Maybe next devblog post can detail that if there are major changes.

No major changes for artifacts. There were two small flaws that I wanted to fix for those: 1) Chaos Shields (any other class-based shields) were useless but now they won’t be, and 2) primary stats don’t increase when you level up an artifact anymore - you just reforge them like you do with secondary stats. And of course, a few artifact properties had to be removed and several more had to be added to fit with all the other game changes.

Being able to reforge primary stat is awesome. I am guessing that the chaos shield etc will now instead of increasing defense (which there will be only one type of now) instead lowers damage from that damage type? Or will they do something else?

The current plan is for them to decrease damage taken from their class by 90%. That includes spells.

Sounds very useful, but not overly powerful considering the different types of damage available.

Being able to mitigate spells with defense/shields is also excellent news. In general sofar all news are good news :smiley: