Devlog #22: The Chef

This will be a short post because honestly, this feature isn’t that huge. I think it’s interesting enough to warrant discussion, though.

There are several new NPCs that can be unlocked in Siralim 2, and today we’ll discuss the chef! As you might expect, the chef will cook food for you and your creatures. Unfortunately, the chef is a bit of a novice and has absolutely no idea what ingredients to use in his dishes, let alone how to actually cook them. That’s where you come in. You can’t be a good king or queen without knowing a thing or two about cooking, after all.

You’ll start by telling the chef which ingredients you want him to use to make food. To start, you’ll only have access to cheese, vegetables, and meat. You must choose two of these ingredients, along with your preferred cooking style: bake, roast, or steam. The resulting combination will grant your creatures a powerful bonus that persists through several battles. Some combinations are more potent than others; “good” combinations will have more powerful effects and last much longer, while “bad” combinations are a bit weaker and don’t last as long. If you find a “good combination”, the chef will remember this recipe and its effects and will allow you to choose it automatically from then on. Eventually, you’ll unlock new ingredients and cooking styles, which subsequently unlocks new potential bonuses.

Some bonuses are very basic, such as +30% Attack, while others allow your creatures to start each battle with a certain buff. Others change your creatures’ class, which synergizes surprisingly well with a lot of the game’s abilities. In some cases, you’ll be able to build your team around the meals you make with the chef.

If you couldn’t tell, this system replaces the consumable battle buff items from Siralim 1. Gone are the days when your inventory is packed full of Ghoul Toes and Angel Groins. This system will hopefully streamline the buffing process, mitigate your reliance on randomization, and give you better control over your team.

Oh, that’s a nice addition!

I’m praying for “Your team will start first.” buffs. :stuck_out_tongue:

I learned my lesson - no more “your team will start first” abilities or anything like that will be in Siralim 2 :wink:

Personally I found using these items somewhat annoying in Siralim 1, and would rather have the item/food buffing gone in Siralim 2, eventually the game becomes burdened with too many things to take care off at once, there seem like 10 different ways to buff/enhance etc. your team in Siralim 2 but not all of them clever or fun, some just seem like boring grinding without adding quality. I’d prefer a more streamlined, ‘honest’ gameplay experience - it’s your team versus the enemies, not a ton of items or spells you can use to get the upper hand.

Well, no one is really forcing you to use features like this. Consumable buff items were definitely forced on you in Siralim 1, whereas this new system can be ignored entirely if you’d rather not use it.

I know, but this is a game about min/maxing your team, so ignoring to use an available resource defeats the point and I think balancing the game around the player using every single available resource would be best. As long as their scarcity is about the same as in Siralim 1 (never had enough good buff items to use them too regularly apart from the extra resource ones), it could be fine really.

Hmm, interesting. I wonder if you will change the requirements for getting to play first (Speed in the original game).

I mean, it’s not really nice to get rekt by the opposite team without even having a say in the matter. Though I suppose the AI from the original game could say the same. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, the Siralim 1 enemy AIs have their own forum where they complain endlessly about poor game design, broken abilities, and unwinnable fights! :->