Devlog #3: Realms and Gods of Siralim, Part 1

In Siralim 2, there are 15 different realm types:

Azure Dream
Path of the Damned
The Swamplands
Refuge of the Magi
Great Pandemonium
Unsullied Meadows
Frostbite Caverns
Torture Chamber
Arachnid Nest
The Barrens
Faraway Enclave
Where the Dead Ships Dwell
Eternity’s End
Cutthroat Jungle
Kingdom of Heretics

Despite the name changes, you can probably guess what a few of them are from Siralim 1. But as you can see, there are 7 new ones added to the list. I’m putting a lot of effort into making each realm feel very unique from a gameplay perspective, and our artists and music composer are doing their part to make sure each realm stands out as well. Even the “old” realm types will have tons of new events, graphics, and environmental changes.


With that said, let’s talk about the new Gods System in Siralim 2. Each realm is ruled by a different god. Erebyss, the God of Darkness, rules over the Path of the Damned. Regalis, the Goddess of Poison, lurks in the Arachnid Nest. There are 15 gods in total. Each god appears in realms as a unique statue that players must find and interact with. You’ll be asked to complete several short-term and long-term quests for these gods in order to build favor with them. Short-term quests replace Duties from Siralim 1 and must be completed in that same realm, while long-term quests can usually be completed at any time and require a lot more effort to finish.

After you reach certain levels of favor with each god, they’ll grant you gifts in the form of exclusive creatures, new items, new spell spheres, and much more. Some gods will even aid you in battle after you’ve proven yourself worthy of their aid. Gods also function as progressively unique shops that allow you to spend favor in exchange for exclusive items.

Aside from completing quests, you can also make sacrifices to the gods in order to show your devotion to them. Some gods are easy to please - they simply ask for some resources or items from time to time. Other gods might ask for much more; including the sacrifice of your own creatures.

You can build statues in your castle to honor your favorite gods, increasing the rate at which you gain favor with them. Each god statue also offers a unique blessing to your kingdom. If you build a statue of Zonte, the God of Wisdom, the creatures in your stable will gain experience points alongside the creatures you fight with. If you build a statue for Friden, the God of the Sea, you’ll gain access to a sigil transmutation system that allows you to convert your Minor Sigils into Major Sigils. There’s a limit to how many statues you can have at once. If you want to change statues, you can do that, but it requires a ritual and some resources. Statue features aren’t quite finalized yet, but I figured I’d mention my general thought process behind it to give you some idea as to where development is heading now.

Almost every feature in the game ties into the gods system in some way. It’s a massive feature that will ensure that players always have manageable goals to attain.

Seems very interesting. I just hope the information for what you can get from each statue is clear from the library, so you dont have to create and try all of them before knowing. Informed choices and all that.

I wish for a Nightwing Gargoyle statue so we don’t have to waste a slot on that thing anymore :slight_smile: