Devlog #4: Missions

In Siralim 2, you can upgrade the Stables to allow you to create “teams” of creatures. This feature allows you to quickly swap out your current team with a different group of creatures of your choice. Conversely, in Siralim 1, you’d have to deposit your 6 creatures at the Stable, then manually withdraw 6 different ones if you wanted to use a different team. You’ll be able to name each of your teams for easy access.

After you level your character up high enough, you’ll be able to recruit a Warlord to move in to your kingdom. The Warlord allows you to send your teams of creatures out on missions. Missions are long rituals that allow you to obtain extra loot. Here’s a brief example of how they work:

  1. Select the type of Mission you want to send your creatures out on. Each mission yields different types of rewards. Are you low on resources? Then choose to raid an enemy kingdom. Want some extra Pandemonium Tokens? Try surveying some unexplored nearby ruins. Need some new artifacts? Send your creatures on a journey to negotiate a trade with another kingdom. There are countless different missions for you to choose from.

  2. Select the team of creatures you want to send out on the mission. Some creatures are better at certain missions than others - for example, Gargoyles are much better at raiding other kingdoms than Occultists are. These creatures’ levels, artifacts, and other attributes also affect how successful the outcome of the mission will be.

  3. Fight creatures as you normally would to gain Energy to complete the mission ritual, then return to the Warlord.

  4. Depending on the factors mentioned in step #2, you’ll gain a reward of varying value.

The goal of Missions is to give players an incentive to level up more than just 6 creatures. For optimal loot-hoarding, you’ll want to amass an army of different creatures to handle as many different Missions as possible. Missions also give players a way to target the specific type of loot they’re looking for; in Siralim 1, players were sometimes frustrated by a lack of certain item drops such as Nether Orbs and Pills. But thanks to Missions, you can specifically target Nether Orbs, or just about any other item to ensure that, after a certain amount of time invested, you’re guaranteed to receive these items.

This was a great idea, a item orientated way of grinding specifically, sometimes it can be rough getting that demon dust mang

This mission system looks really great. I hope we’ll be able to launch several missions at the same time. I like the fact that we’ll have to gather energy for the mission to complete but could I suggest another kind of mission based on timers ?

You would send a creatures team on mission and they would return after 1, 2, 12 hours, depending on the kind of creatures and missions. I know this looks like freemium style timers but I think it could do nicely in Siralim.

The missions system sounds great, but the ability to have teams of creatures to switch in and out as one sounds incredible. It’s one of the things I’ve wanted most while playing Siralim 1.