Devlog #5: Realms and Gods of Siralim, Part 2

Unlike in Siralim 1, enemies do not scale to your level in Siralim 2. Instead, your enemies’ level is based on the realm level you’re in. At realm level 1, enemies will be level 1. At realm level 2, enemies will be level 3. At realm level 100, enemies will be level 575. Note that these numbers are not final, but hopefully this gives you some idea about how the scaling will work. The reason for this change is because so many players simply didn’t understand how progression worked in Siralim 1. A lot of people were frustrated by scaling and assumed that they weren’t progressing at all. While this assumption was objectively wrong, I understand that the former system probably didn’t feel very good from a psychological perspective. Now that enemies scale by realm level, players will be able to visualize their progress more effectively.

In addition, Siralim 2 will have a few very light story elements. The story will revolve around defeating a major boss every few realm levels which will yield a substantial reward. The bosses will use spells and abilities that are not normally found in the game and will force players to fight strategically in order to win. For example, one boss might summon minions to its side, and while those minions are still alive you will not be able to damage the boss. Another boss might have a protective shield that negates damage from all but one class, and the class weakness will change each turn so you’ll need to recalibrate your strategy each turn in order to inflict damage. Each boss will have some small story attached to it, but don’t expect anything too deep. If you’ve played Dragon Warrior Monsters 1, you can expect a story of similar complexity. After you defeat the final boss and complete the story, you can start encountering all the story bosses at random. They’ll be much stronger than when you fought them before, but you’ll still receive a massive reward for defeating them.

At some point, you’ll also unlock a new Teleportation Shrine upgrade that allows you to travel to Nether Realms. Nether Realms are the same as normal realms except they’re much more difficult and contain much more powerful enemies. All kinds of crazy things can happen here; some enemies have multiple abiliites, and some events, quests, and items can only be encountered in Nether Realms.


Some miscellaneous information:

Gambling Dwarves will now remain in the castle, and you’ll encounter Riddle Dwarves in realms instead. Riddle Dwarves ask the player randomly generated questions about the game, and reward the player with some resources for answering the question correctly. Some questions are easy, such as “What class does the Silver Imler belong to?”, while others are more difficult and technical such as “What is the name of the Fallen Carnage’s ability?”. These are all multiple choice questions, so you don’t have to worry about proper spelling or anything like that. Riddle Dwarves are designed to help players learn more about the game in a fun, unique, bite-sized way. As for the Gambling Dwarves, they’ll be receiving a more interactive game to play, but I’m not quite sure what it will be yet.

I think the scaling system you suggest will be far more rewarding for players than the current one. I’m really happy about the direction you’re giving to Siralim 2.

From a personal point of view, I’ve always thought gambling dwarves were really useless. But I’m the kind of person that does not like to play with its money. I find the Riddle dwarves idea is great.


The new realm leveling is much better than the original.

Even though my creatures are in the level 100 range, I still have a difficult time getting past realm 4 (I know, partly due to lack of certain abilities - I haven’t found the parts needed yet). To say that I am progressing at a good pace would be very wrong in my opinion. Especially since the rewards for winning battles scale by realm level and not opponent level. If both the opponents and rewards scaled the same, then Siralim 1 system would be okay.

Looking forward to S2 :slight_smile:

It has been interesting to watch how much trouble people have had accepting the level scaling. Like, people went off their rocker over it… and some people just couldn’t seem to understand it at all. :’(

It was hard for me at 1st to figure out the scaling curve.After I figured that out the game had a highly exploitable way to make your enemies weaker then you.Character lvl brings high returns with artifact reforges and royalty points that will break the curve easily.Its mostly the normal monsters and how fast they lvl up that causes the problem.They lvl up 3-4 times faster then nethers and have the weakest stat curve.Heres a example of my character lvls at work lvl 500 life mage with a party of 6 lvl 1 run of the mill monsters nightwings 6 lvl10 artifacts 1hp buff 1 spd buff 7 atk-8 atk buffs 1 splash
1 thrust.All the monsters now have over 10k atk 600hp+ I take them in a lvl 30 realm they 1 shot everything I can easily take them to floor 100 from 30 and still own with junk type monsters.
When I hit floor 100 I had 6 lvl 471 monsters!that team actualy died on realm lvl 170ish by a onmipotent diety that spawned from a mummy.Due to some effect or artifact it had that killed the monster that killed the mummy in 1 shot…my spell power at that time could snowstorm dead realm 50 monsters.Character lvls and nether demons break the curve.The real learning curve issue is knowing what every damn thing in the game can do to kill you and how to stop it.I find that awesome and very enjoyable!I will miss this system but will enjoy the new one just as much…it’ll just make for fewer surprises lol ;D

that sounds like a lot of work when you can just turn the enemies stats against them with paranormal slimes or have a suicide squad of mouth of hells (calamity optional for extra damage) wipe out the enemy party without even having to attack. the real ‘exploit’ of siralim in my opinion was that you didn’t need levels or stats or nether demons, there was a handful of overpowered abilities/combinations that produced extremely high damage at a very low character/party level and never got worse with higher realm levels.