Devlog #6: Sigils

The Sigil system will work much differently than it does in Siralim 1. There are three tiers of sigils in Siralim 2:

  1. Minor Sigils
  2. Major Sigils
  3. Primal Sigils

Sigils still spawn an instant battle when you use them like they do in Siralim 1, and are still one-time-use items.

Each sigil contains a certain number of properties. Minor Sigils can have 1-2 properties, Major Sigils can have 3-4 properties, and Primal Sigils can have 5-6 properties. These properties drastically affect the battle you’ll fight when you use a sigil. Some properties work directly against you (Enemies have +56% Attack), while others can sometimes benefit you if you strategize effectively beforehand (All creatures swap their Attack with their Intelligence). Properties are randomly generated, so you’re unlikely to find two of the same exact sigils at any point in the game. The resource bonus, experience bonus, and item bonus you receive from defeating these sigils is increased if the sigil’s properties are more difficult.

The level of sigil enemies is determined the moment you find that sigil. If you’re fighting in realm level 6 (which contains level 14 enemies) and find a sigil there, that sigil will always spawn level 14 enemies regardless of where and when you use it. But if you out-level a sigil, the rewards will diminish, so be sure not to horde them!

To obtain a Minor Sigil, you need to pay some resources to convert a Core. If you use a Silver Imler Core, you’ll receive a Minor Sigil of the Imler. If you use a Brownie Brute Core, you’ll receive a Minor Sigil of the Brownie. Major and Primal Sigils are now named similarly - if you beat a Minor Sigil of the Imler, you’ll receive a Major Sigil of the Imler. If you beat a Major Sigil of the Imler, you’ll receive a Primal Sigil of the Imler. Just like in Siralim 1, the boss of that sigil would be a random creature from the Imler race.

To obtain a Major Sigil, you need to beat a Minor Sigil that has creatures that are of a level similar to that of your creatures or higher. To obtain a Primal Sigil, you need to beat a Major Sigil in the same manner.

Major Sigils also have a chance to drop their leader’s corresponding legendary crafting material, while Primal Sigils have a chance to drop Demonic Elixir - Siralim 2’s version of Demon Dust.

Certain gods also interact with sigils. One god requires players to beat sigils in front of their altar in exchange for Favor. Another god can transmute 3 same-tier sigils and give you a new one at random. And yet another god can re-roll the properties of the sigil of your choice. These services come at a cost, of course.

One final note: sigils will no longer have creature-specific flavor text like the Major Sigils do in Siralim 1, nor will these fights be pre-determined. Major Sigils soaked up the vast majority of my time developing Siralim 1, so now that I won’t have to worry about writing flavor text or coming up with challenging creature combinations, I’ll be able to focus on developing more interesting game features.

While it’s a shame about the flavour text and predetermined fights, i understand the time-requirement aspect fully. Rest of the changes sounds good, just like most everything about Siralim 2.

I like this new system and I don’t really care about the disappearance of flavor text.

On the other hand, I’m still worried about items stacking. I hope sigils will not drop as often as in Siralim 1 because otherwise you will be forced to do a lot of sigils fight to prevent your inventory to grow full of low level sigils.

I’m thinking about having sigils not drop at all in most circumstances. That way, players are encouraged to extract cores to create sigils.

As for the item stacking issue: every item in the game will have some way for you to combine identical items to create new ones. For example, combining three Life Spell Spheres will give you one new, randomized Life Spell Sphere.

Maybe a search and some advanced sorting for most inventory tabs would be useful? If possible to implement.

If I can think of a way to implement a filter without bogging down the UI and adding lots of extra complexity, I’d definitely be open to that.

A searchbox when you are inside an inventory section that you can type anything into, searches every aspect of that tab. Both names/properties etc.
That would be fairly easy to implement (i think) and wouldnt take up much room so won’t clutter the UI.

If possible maybe a drop down with search-history. Useful for all sorts of searches.

Would that be too complex for the average user? I mean it’s purely optional, maybe an option in settings to hide said searchbox which requires the user to actually turn on the feature.

If items do no stack like in Siralim 1, I think search tools won’t be that necessary.

Please consider adding a sigil pocket dumpling like I suggested :slight_smile: or atleast have an option for cursor memory, when opening the menu it starts at place your cursor last was IE open menu use a sigil, finish the fight, open menu cursor is in the sigil menu at the same spot it was before.

It might be a fun idea to have something like Rival Sigils, which players can register their party and make their own flavor text, and when the Rival Sigil drops it picks an appropriately leveled party that someone else has registered. Though that would require some server side interaction to work.

The Rival sigil seems like an awesome idea, however as you noted the serverside work will probably make it not happen for now at least.

Adding my support for the Rival Sigil idea. Be cool if it’s feasible.