Devlog #7: Battles, Part 1

The battle system in Siralim 2 will remain largely the same as it was in Siralim 1, but it’s going to be a lot more polished and will give players a better opportunity to fight in satisfying, strategic battles. I don’t have any screenshots or videos ready quite yet, but hopefully I’ll have some visuals to show everyone in a few weeks. For now, I’ll just describe a few of the major improvements that the battle system will have over the old version:

  1. Everyone hates spamming the confirm button over and over in battle, and that’s finally solved now. Battle messages are few and far between, and most of them will scroll automatically. In fact, you don’t even have to read them if you don’t want to because…

  2. All damage, healing, buffs, debuffs, and just about anything else you can think of are now displayed using floating combat text. That means, for example, if one of your creatures attacks an enemy, the amount of damage it dealt to the enemy will appear over the enemy’s sprite (graphic) and then disappear after a few moments. Buffs and debuffs are handled in the same way - if one of your creatures gains the Shell buff, the word “Shell” will briefly appear over your creature’s sprite, then it’ll disappear and the battle will continue on as normal. This greatly accelerates the rate at which players can gather information in battle and prevents you from having to read long sentences at the top of the screen every time something happens.

  3. Buffs and debuffs are no longer shown using text - instead, each buff/debuff has its own, unique icon. These icons will be placed in the appropriate place on your creatures’ GUI panel in battle so that you can quickly figure out all of its status conditions at a glance. I know it’ll take some time for you to memorize the icons, so you can still choose the “Inspect” option from the menu to get a text-based reading of all of a creature’s buffs and debuffs. Enemies will have these icons as well. In addition, icons will now be displayed for creatures that are defending or provoking. Lastly, your creatures will have an icon that denotes their class so you don’t have to memorize that anymore.

*** On a side note, I have finished trimming down the amount of buffs and debuffs in the game. There are now 15 buffs and 15 debuffs, down from something like 40 of each. Things are a lot less convoluted now.

  1. You can attack your own creatures now, and when you cast a spell, you can cast it on any creature on the battlefield. You can heal your enemies and incinerate your allies if you want. “But why would I do that? That’s stupid!” you exclaim obnoxiously. Consider a few of these new abilities:

Priest of Light (Bearer of Needs): When this creature attacks an ally, heal it instead of dealing damage.
Mana Vortex (Conversion): When this enemy is targeted by a spell, it gains 25% Intelligence and recovers 25% of its Mana.
Diabolic Rebel (Diabolic Revolution): When this creature dies, your other Diabolic Horde creatures gain 50% Attack and Intelligence.

As you can see, sometimes it’s outright beneficial to attack your allies, while other cases are more circumstantial. The goal is for you to make some interesting choices and reap situational benefit from thinking outside the box.

  1. You can expect abilities to be a little more basic than in Siralim 1. The abilities described in #4 are what you’ll most often encounter - they won’t get a lot more complex than that. The goal is for players to never need to ask on the forums about how specific abilities work; they should be able to understand on their own. There are a few exceptions to this rule to spice things up a bit, but those situations are rare. “Ugh, you’re dumbing down the game!” you might say. Relax - with the introduction of Spell Spheres, there will be much more depth in battle than before. Some abilities in Siralim 1 were just so complex that they weren’t even fun; just frustrating.

  2. When you win a battle, there’s an absolutely awesome victory screen that appears. It shows a list containing you and your creatures along with their experience bars, and a nice animation plays that allocates the experience you gained to the bar. Fun noises play when you level up. It’s great. There’s a similar screen for resources and ritual energy allocation. The end result of this is more cosmetic than anything else, but it’ll be nice to know exactly how close your creatures are to leveling up, how many resources you have, and how close your rituals are to completion without having to open the game menu after every battle.

Wow that does sound like a vast improvement to the current set up… which while I do enjoy it can get tedious after playing for awhile. Especially when almost all major decisions are made out of battle rather than in it like in the original. I do think a decent amount should be made outside of a fight but you should be able to make up for things you did not account for in my opinion… Like encountering those reviving guys in Siralim 1. lol

I won’t deny I AM a little concerned that it may be too dumbed down, I’ll entrust that you know what you’re doing and I really like the direction Siralim 2 is taking.

Smoother battles are definetly a welcomed improvement and I won’t deny that thinking during battles will make the game more interesting. My team isn’t even perfected yet and a large number of battles are simply constantly clicking enter as quickly as I can.

I should probably clarify a bit about what I consider to be an “overly-complex ability”. Here’s what the Ceaseless Maker’s ability does in Siralim 1:

After attacking, a different enemy takes damage equal to 50% of this creature’s Current Health. 50% chance for this ability to continue bouncing to additional enemies, and can bounce multiple times.

How many times do most people probably have to read that description to fully understand what it does? At least a few times, for sure. And even when you do understand it, it’s not that interesting of an ability anyway. That’s the kind of thing I want to avoid.

If you’re concerned about the reduction of the number of buffs/debuffs, don’t worry - there’s a new type of item that I haven’t announced yet that will help in that department :slight_smile:

rather than removing complexity, it sounds like you’re trying to ensure that all that does end up in game will be useful, which is the ideal for any game I think - in Siralim 1, ~75% of creatures, abilities and buffs/debuffs just weren’t viable past a certain realm level, so while on the surface there was a lot of choice, it was actually a lot of dead ends :stuck_out_tongue:

Please, PLEASE have an inspect that allows you to see what the buffs/debuffs on a particular creature do in battle, and what the creatures ability is if you already have extracted a core from it. I play the game intermittently and having not memorized all the creatures abilities has been a consistent frustration when picking the game back up after a few weeks of not playing. If your character has extracted the core of a creature and should know what the creature does, the player should know too. I like the sense of unknown when you hit a new creature and that is good for a while, but when you forget which horde does what, that effects how you handle the battle and punishes you for not memorizing 400+ abilities.