Devlog #8: Creature Races and Abilities, Part 1

Let me start by saying that “abilities” are no longer called abilities. They are now called “traits” in Siralim 2.

In Siralim 2, a creature’s traits will have some kind of synergy with other creatures within their same race. In Siralim 1, Diabolic Horde creatures had extreme synergy with each other wherein the player was rewarded for having multiple creatures of the same race fighting on their side. Other creatures, like the Hounds, had synergy with each other in a different way. Not every race in Siralim 2 will have such straightforward synergy with each other, but I definitely want to focus on making each trait feel a little less randomly-scattered than in Siralim 1. I want players to be able to say “well, I need a tank. I should probably try a creature from the Doom Fortress or Aspect race”. With that said, I also don’t want players to feel like they have to use multiple creatures from the same race in order to be effective, so I am carefully tuning each trait so that they are effective on their own, too. This is actually kind of hard to explain, so hopefully you’ll get a better idea about what I’m talking about when you see the examples below.

With that said, I plan to release details about three races per blog post from here on out. I’ll post a picture of one creature from each race, tell you its name, and explain what the race’s specialty will be. Not all of these reveals will include brand new creatures because I also want to discuss how traits will work for the old races as well. On a sidenote, our graphics artist is working on new creatures one class at a time, so the majority of races I reveal will be Life and Death to start, and later we’ll move to other classes. With that said, here’s the first of many creature reveals for Siralim 2:

Rift Dancers

Rift Dancers are a new race of Life creatures that will be added to Siralim 2. This particular one is called the Aerum Rift Dancer.

As their names suggest, Rift Dancers can perform dances in battle by performing three different actions in consecutive order. For example, if the Aerum Rift Dancer defends, then attacks, then casts a spell, that spell will cost no mana and will cast three extra times. Other Rift Dancers work similarly but will have different dance combinations and different effects. These dances are especially powerful in combination with other traits that activate when the creature is performing one of its dance steps.


Lepers are new to the Death class. The creature pictured above is called the Addled Leper.

Lepers are unique because they’re so incredibly disposable. When they’re attacked, they inflict all kinds of nasty diseases and debuffs on the enemy. As they take more damage, the debuffs they inflict their attackers with are enhanced. Some Lepers can even spread the debuffs they’re afflicted with to their enemies, so it might sometimes be useful for players to intentionally debuff their own Lepers to unleash devastating effects on their enemies.


Another creature from the Life class: the Crusader. The creature above is called the Holy Crusader.

Crusaders are extremely resilient creatures that can take a beating from both attacks and spells. Aside from having high defense and health, these creatures also utilize self-healing and self-buffing traits to keep themselves alive. Crusaders are an excellent choice if you’re looking for a self-sufficient tank for your party.

rift dancers sound really weird and difficult to balance. lepers sound more fun, I always liked sacrificial/suicidal teams (once you could do away with nightwing gargoyle and its condition of ideally having your party alive after battle).

I guess we’ll see how Siralim 2 plays out, but in Siralim it’s pretty rare I’m taking 3 actions with a character. Generally speaking, if I can’t kill the enemy in 2 turns, I’m probably dead or close enough to be using spells to finish the battle, so I’m not sure I’d use a dancer. The mechanic seems cool but will it be used?

That’s true, winning the battle as quickly as possible not only because of the enemies strength, but also because you had to fight hundreds and hundreds of battles and taking your time was simply an inefficent way to progress. I’d say 95% of Siralim’s viable team combinations were made useless because they’d take too long to finish a battle. Perhaps in Siralim 2 individual battles will be more rewarding and we’ll see a decrease in number of battles.

Battles will take longer but there will be fewer of them on average.

Personally I prefer this style, of longer battles but with less frequency. It’s fun for me where each battle is like a chess game, rather than a button masher.

Yeah that sounds good. It’s fun designing a great team but after it becomes mostly button mashing the challange isn’t there. Very much looking forward to Siralim 2.

Ooh, the Crusaders look awesome! ^.^
Definitely would use one of those as a tank!

Also must admit the rift dancers don’t seem like they’ll see too much use from me. Lepers, on the other hand… 8)

Thank you so much for these Devlogs, love reading them. Seems like you are taking Siralim 2 in an excellent direction!

… can’t wait until the game becomes available.